Watch the New 'Madballs' Web Series on YouTube

Thanks to a tip from the Strange Kids Club, I've discovered that one of my favorite '80s toylines Madballs has a new web series! Over the past year, American Greetings has relaunched the brand using several outlets. Lion Forge comics released a 4-part Madballs comic series in 2016 which was the 30-year anniversary of the original comic series. In stores now is a brand new toyline from Just Play featuring all the characters in the classic, rubbery size and also a mini blind bag series. Series 2 was on display at Toy Fair 2017 which will debut this fall in stores.

Back in the '80s, Madballs also had two 22-minute animated specials that were released direct to VHS. Madballs: Escape From Orb! was released in 1986 and was setup as a pilot episode for a TV series. Madballs: Gross Jokes followed in 1987 and was more of a montage of Monty Python-like gags and skits. Now 30 years later, a new web series has been developed to support the new toyline.

The new cartoon shorts combine animation and live-action in similar spirit to the 1987 special... gross-out gags and jokes for the easily amused (like me.) Two episodes are currently available to watch in the US with 2 more episodes already loaded in the Season 1 Playlist. Not sure if the availability was an error or intentional but I can't wait to watch them. Subscribe to the Madballs YouTube channel for the latest videos and watch the first two episodes below as well as the two '80s specials...

'80s Madballs Specials

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