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Jolt Cola Won't Cause Double The Cavities Says Dentist In 1987 News Story

Jolt Cola was the soft drink with "All the sugar and twice the caffeine." Back in the '80s it's what us kids dared to drink when we needed that extra energy to climb the tallest tree in the neighborhood or wanted to dare fate with a pack of Pop Rocks candy. For many of us, it was outlawed by parents who expected children to spontaneous combust when consumed. But not every adult thought Jolt Cola deserved parental prohibition.

In this 1987 news story from a Louisiana television station, a local dentist is interviewed about the new soft drink. He actually sides more with '80s kids in that, in moderation, Jolt Cola won't cause "double the cavities" just because it contains double the sugar and caffeine (which was just under the FDA limit for a soft drink.) 

Where was this guy when I needed some backup in all those arguments with mom!!

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