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‘80s Party Accessories You Need at Your Next Celebration

Let’s face it, we all love reliving the '80s. When it comes to parties, going retro is never a bad idea! Whether you lived through the era, or are simply inspired by it, there’s something for everybody in this iconic time period. Here are some accessories that you’ll definitely want to have at your next themed party:

Conrad Rider, GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

Rubik’s Cubes

This intricate cube took the world by storm throughout the ‘80s, and still to this day captivate many puzzle-lovers. This toy was so popular, over 100 million units were sold between 1980 and 1982! The goal is to rearrange the cube so that all sides have one solid color. It’s proven to be a daunting and skill-requiring task, but who knows, there may be somebody at your party who can crack the code! If not, they still make for a great nostalgic accessory.

Sega Genesis

Arguably the most iconic console ever, most kids who grew up in the '80s had to have a Sega Genesis in their home. Retro gaming was, and remains, an incredibly popular niche of gaming. From Sonic to Streets of Rage, this amazing console had a plethora of games to choose from. Treat your guests to some wicked gaming with this console, and your party will go down in history!


The sticker trend really had its come up in the ;80s, but are still exceedingly popular today! Custom Stickers are an awesome way to express your personality and individual creativity, and make a great party accessory! You can even create custom retro gaming stickers for your friends with their individual names on them, or you can upload any artwork you’d like! Sticker Maker makes it easier than ever to create your own personal designs in a matter of minutes.


When it comes to hair, the bigger, the better. From crimped to neon, the hair trends in the '80s were certainly something to remember and relive. Costume wigs are great for dress-up and photos - you may even end up with some great content to embarrass your friends with in the following years!


A party isn’t a party without music - especially when it’s retro themed! The '80s era was the birthplace of mixtapes and music compilations - it’s crucial to pay homage and create an awesome mix for your friends! From Michael Jackson to Journey and Queen, you’ll never run out of amazing and timeless songs to pick.

Well, sounds like you’re ready for your next memorable party! We hope this article helped you top up your daily nostalgia levels, and puts you on the road to success filled with new wave synthpop and techno.

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