What To Include When Throwing an '80s Theme Party

Parties are a lot of fun, but organizing a successful get-together requires inspired ideas, excellent planning and attention to details. One of the first things to do when planning a party is to choose a theme for the social event you are hosting.

Everyone knows that choosing a theme for a party can really help the event stand out and that once you have selected one, things usually come together much easier. Going for an ‘80s themed party is a sure bet that you and your guests will have a lot of fun, and below you will find just a few ideas to inspire you.

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‘80s Ambiance

In order to prepare your space for welcoming those attending the event and in order to create the perfect ‘80s atmosphere, you could set up the place by putting up some posters from that period. You could even prepare custom coasters inspired by the same decade. Once they’ve served their purpose they can become excellent party favors. You could transform disposable cups and plates by using custom stickers, or you could simply have them made using the design of your choice. Have some great ‘80s music playing in the background and you are all set.

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‘80s Style

Recreating the looks that were iconic during the ‘80s is a lot of fun, being in fact one of the most enjoyable aspects of throwing or attending an ‘80s theme party. The outfits, the make-up, the hairdos, everything about that decade is simply fascinating and let’s face it, as adults we don’t get enough chances to play dress-up. Perhaps this is the reason we enjoy it so much when the opportunity presents itself.

When you invite your guests make sure you let them know what the dress-code for the occasion is. Will they be required to go for '80s costumes, improvise or will some cleverly chosen accessories suffice?

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‘80s Music

Putting together a collection of hits from the ‘80s will ensure that your guests will work up an appetite by showing off their dance moves. You could even involve your guests by inviting them to bring along playlists with their favorite songs from the ‘80s.

Listening and dancing to the music of the ‘80s will help you recreate that period, but singing along will surely top that, so entice your guests to take part in a memorable karaoke session.

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‘80s Movies

After partying hard you might want to tone things down a bit and give your guests a chance to catch their breath. Seeing how music wasn’t the only art form that delighted the masses during the’80s, you could unwind by watching a movie from this fantastic decade. There are some great options to choose from and together with everything else you plan for the evening, this too will help you capture the spirit of a wonderful period, making sure your guests enjoy themselves.

Being the host doesn’t mean that you should put tons of pressure on yourself, trying to make everything perfect. That being said, one final suggestion is to make sure you don’t get so distracted by your role as a host that you miss out on having a great time with your friends, making beautiful memories.

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