Fitness Fever in the 1980s

When you take a look back at the 1980s, it is quite impressive how much "fitness fever" permeated every niche of pop culture in the decade. Aspiring fitness enthusiasts can learn something from the fitness attitudes that were prevalent as well as the many styles and trends that came back around during the 1980s.

Working Out in the 1980s

In the 80s, more women were getting into fitness and working out than men at the time. Many women were directly involved in fitness both as trainers and fitness enthusiasts. During this time, Jane Fonda was a fitness icon for many women and brands like Nike backed up this fitness frenzy by ordering athletes to "Just Do It".

With obesity at an all-time high in today's America, that was not the case in the '80s when numerous women and men joined the trend to sweat and exercise. Training tutorials were available on VHS and the involvement of female celebrities made athletic clothing and workout shoes so fashionable and trendy at the time.

Why Are the '80s Known as a Fitness Era?

During this era, the younger generation at that time was especially passionate about fashion and image alongside the adults. Because of this, enhancement gear, fitness videos, and sports technology were all very popular. Performance-enhancing supplements were widely used by bodybuilders and non-competing athletes. Today, various supplements are available from sites like Nonetheless, even without performance enhancements, everybody seemed to want to stay active and have an appealing and fit body.

Still Fit

As you grow older, you get to experience the reality that a good workout program can increase longevity, endurance, and strength as well as overall health. You can quickly tell the difference that a great training routine has compared to the negative effects of being inactive. When you build a habit of working out, you are rewarding your body with good health.

Getting into the '80s Groove

If you are seeking to adopt a 1980s-themed training routine, you must have the correct equipment to create the right atmosphere and mood. Because renovating everything to look like it did in the '80s may be expensive, there are alternatives. Leg warmers and spandex along with the ProDIgal Running Belt should be a convenient starting point. This belt serves as a waistband that holds your money, wallet, phone, and other essentials you might need. If you are focused on recreating the '80s fitness theme, utilize something like this belt when walking, running, or heading to the gym. With this kind of belt, you also get to keep your items safe and focus on training.


The majority of people work out to attain an ideal physique and then call it quits. Keep in mind that you can remain healthy and active only if you have the right mentality towards your training and make it consistent. The 1980s are remembered as the decade that America as a whole was experiencing a positive and happy era.

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