Kickstarter Book Pixelates The Greatest Moments in Pro Wrestling History

Remember the days of rushing to the arcade at the mall to play WWF Superstars? Perhaps you remember the hype of the Monday night wars and recreating matches on WCW Nitro for the original Playstation console. Either way, you'll love this new Kickstarter book that pixelates some of the greatest moments in pro wrestling history.

Wrestling Arcade presents Pro Wrestling's Greatest Moments – The Complete Pixelated Guide, the comprehensive hard-back book featuring 32-bit pixel illustrations of historic pro wrestling moments from around the world. Styled to pay homage to your favorite Sega Genesis or SNES games of the past, the book features over two-hundred and fifty treasured Pro Wrestling moments spanning across four-hundred pages.

Remember when the "Macho Man" Randy Savage was attacked by Jake Roberts & his Cobra? How about when "Stocne Cold" Steve Austin visited Mr. McMahon in the hospital? Or, remember those ridiculous promos of Mr. Perfect like when he threw that football pass to himself? Those are just a few you've seen on Wrestling Arcade's Twitter profile and now are all captured in the new Kickstarter book...

Visit the Kickstarter page for Pro Wrestling's Greatest Moments – The Complete Pixelated Guide and bring home a piece of wrestling history. You'll find page excerpts from the book and a small list of 20 moments of the 250 featured from 1985 through the present day. Don't delay because there are just 13 days left (from the time this article is published) to make this project a reality! Order your copy now!

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