These '80s Home Decor Trends Are Making A Comeback

Back in the 80s, having a multi-colored floral or chintz-covered bedroom like the one Samantha (Molly Ringwald) had in Sixteen Candles was the height of home design chic. Moreover, during the decade of excess, almost everyone looked to Dallas or Dynasty when decorating their homes. And while retro fashion statements are making a comeback, certain home trends are also back in the spotlight as homeowners across the country are decorating their spaces with the '80s in mind. From metallics and colorful walls to touches of green, here are all the '80s home decor trends that are making their way into modern homes across the country.

Brass fixtures for a touch of glam

Brass fixtures are becoming increasingly popular in homes nowadays. But far from the overly metallic look featured on “The Cosby Show,” brass is being used in a more subtle and classy way in today's custom home design. According to Magnum Builders, the right fixtures and finishes can do much to upgrade a home, and brass fixtures can give your house a touch of luxury without overwhelming your decor. Moreover, the good thing about brass is that it looks right in a ranch, contemporary, or traditional home, so you can definitely consider using this metal when remodeling your existing house or building a custom home. Forget the brass candlesticks though, and try adding brass fixtures in the kitchen or the bathroom, such as brass faucets or drawer and cabinet pulls. You can also install a brass light fixture in the dining area to make your space a little more glamorous.

Wallpaper in new prints and textures

Back in the 70s and 80s, it seemed like every home in America had wallpaper, and it was everywhere from the living room to the bedroom, as seen in "The Golden Girls." It was banished from homes when the early 2000s home trends leaned towards modern architecture and Zen minimalism, and when everyone seemed to favor IKEA furniture for their houses. However, wallpaper is back in a big way, and this classic wall covering has evolved to include interesting patterns, textures and faux brick or tile effects. Instead of papering your entire living room the way your parents did, try covering only one wall with textured wallpaper to create a focal wall. To make an instant impact in a small space, wallpaper it completely, but use one with bold colors or a wallpaper with a geometric design. This styling hack works best for a powder room, a walk-in closet, or a small home office.

Plants everywhere

You know that you’re a child of the 80s if you remember having lots of potted plants and hanging plants in macrame holders in your childhood home. Nowadays, having indoor plants is chic again, as evidenced by Instagram posts of tiny succulents and innovative wall gardens. Instead of creating a jungle in your home, be strategic with your plant placement. Tiny cacti in attractive containers can be placed on coffee tables, or you can use a wooden ladder to display your miniature plants. Your kitchen windowsill can hold your potted herbs, and a planter positioned under your window can hold ornamental peppers for a burst of color. Meanwhile, a single large potted plant, such as an emerald arborvitae, can be placed in a sunny corner of your living room for a bit of green in your main space.

The younger generation is embracing all things '80s, and fashion and home trends from this beloved decade are making a comeback in a spectacular way. Try incorporating some of these '80s interior design trends into your home for a touch of nostalgia that won’t overwhelm your existing decor.

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