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Retrogaming Gifts That Give Pure '80s Vibes

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Great gifts can come in many forms, but few are better than a video game. With a proven track record of lowering stress and inducing relaxation – as one study published by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society found – video games are a gift that tick all of the boxes: they're thoughtful, useful and fun. What the modern gaming market is seeing is a concerted effort from manufacturers to target the gift industry and provide products from the '80s that deliver that quintessential '80s feel.

Tiger Electronics Handhelds

No products demonstrate this better than the new Tiger Electronics rerun. For those who aren’t aware, Hasbro produced a line of handheld electronic games in the '80s and '90s, with Sonic 3 being one of the most notable titles in their range. According to the Tech Times, these products are now being brought back in time for the Toy Fair 2020. As a low-cost and easy product to manufacture, toys like these and those of their ilk are prime territory for subscription boxes. The variety of products and games you can get in these boxes, and the inherent design and quality they have, harks back to the peak of '80s gaming and is very retro.

Retro Consoles

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What about the cornerstones of '80s gaming? Emulation has been a source of contention over the past few years, with gray areas around the legality of the practice and whether it’s ethical to developers. Countering this has been a spate of releases seeking to recapture that '80s spirit – and many make great gifts. Probably the highest profile re-release is the Commodore 64, which the UK's Guardian newspaper lauded for its precise replication of original features. When it comes to enjoying that 80s retro vibe, most people are looking for a way in which to directly capture the spirit of the era – there are few better ways than through products which have been designed with that theme in mind.

Retro Arcade Experience

Coinciding with the 80s retro craze has been a surge in the number of 1980s-themed arcade bars and restaurants. These bars are popping up all over the world, with Red Bull highlighting a handful of these across a few different regions of America. An outing to one of these bars could perhaps be a gift for someone who doesn’t have the spare time to make the most of their own device. This can also have a fun adult tilt to it too, with many such bars serving alcohol and providing other board games and entertainment for a party. This allows you to get a taste of '80s gaming without having to take time out of your day to do so.

Retro Graphic Tees

Wear your love for the 80s with these curated retro tees designed by Threaheads artists. These shirts feature designs inspired by your favorite 80s movies, music, iconic brands, games, and more. The best part? Every shirt is made of ethically sourced combed cotton for a super soft and guilt-free gift for the biggest fan of the 80s in your life.

Gaming is one of the purest forms of '80s pop culture. As electronic games were invented and further developed, they became a big sign of the times they were created in. As a result, gifting games – something which is affordable and easy to do – can bestow a nostalgic experience on an enthusiast's loved ones.

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