Next Generation Technology Promises Farther Move From Simpler '80s Era

When you were raised in the 1970s and 1980s, you lived a somewhat simple life. You went outside to play and on the weekends, you rode bikes, skateboarded, and hung out with your friends. Entertainment was going to the mall, seeing a movie, bowling, or playing board games.

When you returned to school after summer vacation, you spent the first week discussing things you did. You talked about your big family backyard barbecues under the pop-up canopy and the fireworks your father set off.

However, that was then and this is now. Times are changing rapidly and now technology plays a huge role in your daily life and in the lives of your kids.

The Age of Electronics

Fast forward to 2020, and you see nearly everyone, young and old alike, on some type of mobile electronic device. In fact, it's hard to imagine a time without them. Can you imagine this generation having to use a rotary phone attached to the wall? Or not having access to the internet 24/7? In the early 1990s, your computer was hooked up to the telephone line and every person you talked to was charged an added fee. So, all those text messages you make today would cost you thousands each month if you apply the same system. That $250 cell phone bill is looking pretty good right now, right?.

The Good, the Bad

There are benefits to being able to contact someone at will, and Facetime is another wonderful plus in the technological age. It allows you to see a loved one who may live in another state or another part of the world. However, having a device that virtually controls your life is not such a good thing. For example, back in the 1980s, you left the office and very rarely did your boss ever call you at home. Today, with cell phones and email, bosses send alerts and leave important messages or ask questions, even when you're on vacation. There's really no separation, no division line between the home and the office.

Sad, But True

While having access to the internet 24/7 is a wonderful convenience, it takes away from family time and your privacy. Not too long ago family dinners were a time when the family connected and revealed the events of the day with excitement. Now, with social media, it's old news. There's really nothing to say. Many people even bring their phones to the table while eating. If you made a fool of yourself at school maybe a few people saw it and it embarrassed you for a few minutes. However, today if you mess up it goes viral and you hide your head in shame.

The Benefits

Technology does offer some benefits. You can now reach a doctor live and get treatment for minor things like a rash or a cold. You can do research by pressing a few buttons and you can shop without having to leave the home. Additionally, many companies now allow their employees to work from home a few days a week, which makes it easier for parents with a sick child. You can also check your bank account and transfer money and communicate with the school easily.

What the Future Holds

It's hard to imagine technology becoming more advanced since it already seems at a high level. However, if you think about it, dogs and cats have chips implanted in the event that you lose them. Maybe, children will have them too at birth instead of a social security card. Cars today can drive themselves. Is it possible that in the next decade you'll sit in them like entering a cab and put in coordinates?

The world has definitely changed within the past 40 years. As advancements in technology continue to surface, one can only speculate on how the next generation will live.

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