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THRIFT STORE FINDS: McDonald's Books and Happy Meal Box

In this episode of THRIFT STORE FINDS, Jason showcases some McDonald's collectibles he found recently (along with a few from his collection.) Included in the haul is An American Tail book from 1986, a Dumbo "Press Out" book from 1987, and a Happy Meal Pencil Box from 1988. Inside the pencil box are a few more items that might be of interest!

Fievel's Boat Trip book was one in a set of 4 books that came with An American Tail Happy Meals. The Dumbo "Press Out" book came with Disney Favorites Happy Meals that was a set of 4 with Lady and the Tramp, Sword and the Stone, and Cinderella. They weren't all "press out" books as some were sticker books and magic paint books. The red box was part of the On-The-Go Happy Meals and originally came with stickers to decorate the box. THe campaign also featured colorful lunch bags.

Watch THRIFT STORE FINDS: McDonald's Books and Pencil Case below and let me know if you remember them in the comments.

THRIFT STORE FINDS features Jason's collectibles that were found while hunting through thrift stores and antique malls in central Alabama.

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