THRIFT STORE FINDS: Star Wars Pop-Up Books

I'm excited to launch a new series of videos which chronicle my THRIFT STORE FINDS! I'm a huge fan of thrift stores, antique malls, and pretty much anywhere I can hunt vintage items. While my normal circuit is about 6 places, I try to search for different types of items each time I visit a store. I collect books, vinyl records, book and record/tape sets, toys, VHS tapes, and various items that remind me of my childhood in the '80s.

For the first video in the series, I'm showcasing two Star Wars pop-up books I found (at different thrift stores.) I was not a real fan of Star Wars until about the mid-'80s when I watch the original movie for the first time. I missed out on the Kenner toys and great merchandise that was released with the original trilogy so it's been fun discovering memorabilia like this over the last several years.

Watch the first installment of THRIFT STORE FINDS below and let me know if you remember these books in the comments. Also, please subscribe to the Rediscover The '80s channel on YouTube!

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