Fun in the 80s

Of all of the decades that have come to pass in modern memory, the '80s might just be the most fun of the lot. This was a decade of change, a time in which the louder option was very much seen as the better one!

From break-dancing to bingo, the '80s is known as a revolutionary decade for fun activities. Whether you listened to Madonna or The Police, watched Dirty Dancing or Bladerunner, the '80s were packed with fun things to do!

In this article, we will take a closer look at fun in the '80s, listing some of the top activities from this loudest and brightest of decades!

Let’s get started with a look at some of our favorite music from this era.

Music in the '80s

Since time immemorial, human beings have used music and musical performance as a way to have fun. There is nothing quite like that feeling when your favorite tune comes on or you see that band you love so much do their thing live!

The '80s was the decade that music really came into its own on a global stage, with the first real solo pop icons coming to the fore after bands had dominated most of the previous decades (Elvis aside!).

This was the decade of Madonna, Prince and Whitney Houston, a time in which musical superstars set trends around everything from fashion to political attitudes.

With that said, the '80s also gave us some truly iconic bands, with U2 and Bon Jovi coming into their own during this decade. It can come as no surprise that these bands are renowned for their over-the-top style, this was the '80s after all!

Activities in the '80s

Without a doubt, the '80s was the decade that the activity truly became popular. Whereas beforehand people spent their leisure time playing traditional games and sports, the '80s saw a boom in new, exciting ways to spend the weekends and evenings.

Bingo came to the fore in the 1980s, with the UK, in particular, falling in love with this thrilling game. Although today much of bingo is enjoyed online, back in the '80s the halls were king and hundreds of thousands of players flocked to their local each and every week! For a taste of '80s bingo online today, head to and discover your ideal place to play.

In addition to bingo, activities such as aerobics and break-dancing came to the fore. People were bored with the same old activities and the time was ripe for some cutting-edge new pastimes to be born!

Overall, it can be said that fun in the '80s was like nothing else that had come before it, nor has there been anything so revolutionary since! People lived large back then, with an emphasis on the garish.

Whether through playing power ballads, driving sports cars or simply heading down to the bingo hall for a raucous night of fun, the '80s was a decade when people really knew how to let their hair down!
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