Coming of Age Films: '80s Favorites and Modern Period Stories

The '80s was a time of joy, vibrant fashion and big statement hairstyles; truly an era that will go down in history forever. The "Coming of Age" stories that came from '80s films give insight into the era and for those of us who lived it, also brings nostalgia. Many films and television shows in recent times have have also drawn inspiration from the '80s era and put their own spin on the decade that brought many cinema favorites. Today's journey looks at a couple classic films that have drawn inspiration over the years and also two period films that highlight the decade.

One of the most famous films of the '80s (and all-time) is E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. E.T. is known for its industry changing ideas, touching moments, life lessons learned by the adolescents of the film. One of the best moments is when Elliot learns that the things you love won’t last and E.T. is the one that teaches him that it’s okay to let these things go. While the film became a blockbuster for director Steven Spielberg, the charm of the young actors is what makes it so memorable decades later.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is another film that delved into the adolescent experience. Ferris Bueller and his good friend Cameron "borrow" his father’s Ferrari and drive into Chicago for the day with the school principal Mr. Rooney trying to crack the case. While the cat and mouse game brings an entertaining situation, the comradery between the high-school students and just living life together for a day without worrying about any consequences is what makes the film one of the best '80s generational films.

Films have struggled during lockdown in 2020 with theaters and cinemas being closed. Box office revenues are down considerably and many have therefore found themselves using online streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video to experience movies. These services have benefitted in turn as well as Online Casinos Not On Gamstop. This is again due to many looking for entertainment from the comfort of their own homes and with the quality of casino on show there, there’s no surprise why they have been doing so well. Here are a couple modern films featuring coming of age stories that are '80s period films.

Rebellion is one of the typical traits shown in adolescent films in which most of us can relates. The 2007 film Son of Rambow documents the dream of two young boys with contrasting upbringings who both have the same ambition to record a short film on their big camera and share it to the world. The boys are inspired by 1982 film First Blood and want to recreate it in a time when home video equipment surged in popularity. The film was inspired by director Garth Jennings' (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) own experiences as a child in the '80s and endorsed by one of the greatest action heroes of the '80s, Sylvester Stallone.

Released in 2006, This is England is one of the most impressive films set in the '80s era in which a young boy called Thomas Turgoose finds himself becoming friends with a gang of fun and friendly skinheads. During his time with the gang, Thomas is introduced into a new line of life with women, parties, casual '80s wear and of course, his newfound shaven haircut. This films beautifully outlines the crossroads in which many youths encountered in the era with a look at the early '80s British working-class lifestyle.

Any finally, on of the most famous dance films of all time is that of the young lad Billy Elliot who has a dream of becoming a professional dancer against all odds with his family and specifically, his father who wants him to become a boxer. This film is about breaking the 80’s stigma that a male can’t become a dancer and proves that talent and hard work can get you what you want in life. Tackling subjects such as homophobia, and stereotypes, Billy Elliot certainly is a heart-warming journey.

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