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Reasons the '80s Rocked!

The 1980s rocked for a lot of reasons, but especially because of the music. From the stage presence to the outfits and hair to the instruments that made the music great, there are so many reasons to love '80s music. Here are some of our top reasons why we love to rock out to music from the '80s.


The music from the '80s is all about celebrating life and living it to the fullest. It is about having fun and not caring what other people think. Despite other problems in the world, this music gave us a gateway to a place where the problems didn’t exist. You can find the music you love on Twitch music and see how the feeling of exuberance comes back alive when the music is played today.


The '80s helped to transition the world into a new era. Because of the new ideas and experiments, it gave us amazing music in the genres of rock and pop. There were a lot of huge moments shared by entire nations, but also a lot of smaller important moments that helped spur on the development of this musical era.


The seeds of contemporary music were sown in the '80s. New labels that today would be considered “indie” popped up to pave the way for new kinds of music and cult followings for certain bands.

Some performances and songs seemed to rock entire nations, but there was also a collection of micro-moments that impacted the world of music just as much. These smaller moments were possible because of these smaller labels that would cater to specific subgroups of music fans.


With more money flowing into the music industry, the world of music was able to expand and make way for even more artists and fans. With more artists making their way into the music world, we were given a more diverse set of music. Because of this cash influx, music was given some space to evolve, change, and expand into what it is today.

Still Relevant

It is no surprise that with the bold lyrics and brash music that '80s music is still popular today. Everyone still knows the lyrics to popular songs from the '80s and some songs are getting a rebirth in the form of current bands covering famous songs.


You can basically categorize the '80s into two sections of music: timeless and classic. Some music from the 80s hasn’t aged and is still relevant today. The constancy of the guitar, bass, and drums of some songs never get old and can be played today just as easily as it could be decades ago.

The classic '80s music is easily identified as from the '80s. It only takes a few measures of a song to transport you back to that decade. While the timeless songs are great because they keep us connected to that music without breaking our daily grind, the classics help us to relive those days and are perfect for celebrating a time that is past.

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