'80s Looks That Make The Perfect Outfit For Your Next Costume Dress Party

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It is difficult to mention a decade that was more iconic in the fashion world than the 1980s. That is why '80s-inspired costume ideas are always a big hit for today's themed parties. After all, that period had us dancing to artists like Whitney Houston who had great fashion taste.

At that time, brightly-colored and outrageous outfits like high-rise jeans, leg warmers and shoulder pads were the in-thing. If you've been looking to pull the perfect '80s look in your next dress party, the following fashion ideas will do the trick.

Indiana Jones

Bring back the '80s in classic Indiana Jones apparel, and your party is definitely going to be exciting. Dressing in such an outfit does not require much, but the result will impress you. You can start with a long-sleeved tactical shirt, front flat khaki pants and a brown leather jacket.

For your feet, you can put on brown lumber boots and for your head, a wool felt fedora. Additionally, you can accessorize with a canvas belt around your waist. By completing the look with a leather messenger bag and a whip, anyone will be able to guess what character you are dressed up as.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was a true fashion icon who stuck to a specific style in her outfits. She didn't shy away from printed, sequined or embellished designs both on stage and off. This ensured that her outfits were not just fun but were also stealing the spotlight.

On multiple occasions, the pop star also dressed in styled structured tops and blue jeans. This can make a great outfit for your next '80s themed party especially if you pair it with a turtle-neck jumper. Complete this look with a scarf or headband, and it will deliver the perfect Whitney Houston style.

'80s Disco

Dressing for a disco dance in the 1980s was a big deal. A typical '80s disco outfit came with everything big including shoulder pads and jewelry. Recreating such a style today would mean visiting a resale clothing shop or adapting your existing clothes with some 80s-inspired accessories.

Whatever the case, always choose blouses or dresses that have big shoulder pads. In addition, gold or other metallic-colored fabrics can add the 80s disco glitz to such an outfit. Accessorize the look with a big multi-colored leather belt around your waist, and you will definitely bring back the fashion style of that decade to your party.

Princess Leia

Star Wars, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
If you've watched the classic Star Wars films, then you definitely know the character of Princess Leia. She appears in the film in different outfits but the most famous one is the pristine white gown she often wears. Accessorizing this gorgeous outfit is a pair of sparkling silver bracelets and a matching necklace.

The Princess Leia outfit would definitely impress the guests at your next fancy dress party. However, ensure it is in a skin-fitting size exactly as the one in the film. You can also add a belt, jumpsuit and white knee-high boots to complete the look. Only then will you be able to make a grand entry into your party like a princess.

Blues Brothers

The 1980s witnessed significant changes to legislation that opened the way for gambling sites such as Platincasino. Apart from that, it's also the period when the Blues Brothers comedy film was a great hit. The film told the story of two brothers, Jake and Elwood Blues who mesmerized audiences with their signature outfits.

Luckily, the outfits were very simple, so replicating them for your next party shouldn't be hard. You can start with a fitting black suit, a white shirt, a black tie and some black wingtip shoes. To complete the Blues Brothers-inspired outfit, top it with a black fedora hat and some Wayfarer-style sunglasses.


While the 1980s was a period characterized by outrageous outfits and bright colors, it was also one when fashion captivated everyone. All you had to do was to plan a themed party and invite your craziest friends, and you would be assured of the excitement of your whole life. It was that easy!

It is no wonder that many fancy outfits from that decade have found popularity in today's events. The aforementioned fashion options will take you down memory lane as you reminisce. Pick one, recreate it and wear it in your next fancy dress party, and you'll definitely make that event a smashing hit.

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