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Your '80s Music Is Finally on Spotify - What Now?

Becoming an artist is difficult. Each of us has a unique style, but it takes a lot more than that to get noticed. You’ll need a catchy idea, impeccable playing technique, a good understanding of various instruments, and of course, a solid knowledge of music production. The work doesn't stop there, though. In fact, it’s only beginning. 

Get a Spotify for Artists Profile

Writing, recording, and producing an album can be an overwhelming experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Once you've worked your magic at the midi control surface and the mixer desk, the next step is to share that experience with the world. You’ve uploaded your music to Spotify, but that’s just the beginning. What you need to do next is to create a profile using the Spotify for Artists feature. There are many reasons why creating this profile is necessary. For one, you’re getting the blue checkmark, meaning that you’re a verified artist.

Promote Your Music

Spotify isn’t just one of the best platforms to upload your music to. It also gives you a complete range of marketing tools you can use to promote your work on and off the app. For example, you can create a Spotify code, which you can then post anywhere online.

All people have to do is scan the code with their phone, and they will be taken straight to your profile, a specific album, or maybe a playlist. Using this tool allows you to run all kinds of conventional and unconventional online marketing campaigns and promote your work. More importantly, being a member of the Spotify for Artist service allows you to stay on top of your metrics. You can tap into valuable analytics that will tell you just how well your music is received. Pros over at also note that being a verified artist allows you to add more team members to your account. This can be an important feature should your music career lift-off.

That being said, there is also the Spotify Ad Studio, which a complete ad platform designed to produce complete ad campaigns. Best of all, you don’t need to be technically inclined to use this service. Spotify Ad Studio comes packed with all kinds of templates you can use to put together an effective campaign quickly.

Playlists, Playlists, Playlists

Although ads are great, one of the best ways to promote your music is to reach out to various playlist curators. It’s no secret that playlists are one of the main reasons why Spotify is so successful as a platform.

Many users are relying on playlists to discover new music, explore different genres, and generally find something interesting to listen to. By reaching out to popular playlist curators, you can work out a deal where your music could end up on a popular playlist.

Engage With Your Audience

Being a Spotify artist isn’t a fire-and-forget type thing. You won’t get far by uploading your music and calling it a day. There has to be some amount of interaction with the community and your listeners. 

That being said, creating your own playlists, getting in touch with listeners who appreciate your music, and generally being a valuable member of your community is a great way to establish a reputation and have your music reach more ears.

Get Social Media Traction

Promoting your music on social media is both difficult and necessary. That being said, there is rarely a tool that can launch your career to stardom overnight that comes even close to a social media network. Just take TikTok. Every other day a new, relatively unknown song goes viral on this platform, spreading like wildfire.

Whether you’ll be able to achieve viral success on social media is a matter of luck. However, almost every song that went viral on social media was catchy or had a strong message. There are definitely ways to improve your chances of making it big. 

Keep Working

Having your music heard can take time. Many factors have to line up perfectly in order for your tune to reach the right ears. Sometimes you can do everything on your end and still fall short.

The key thing to take away is the importance of perseverance. Keep working on your music, and keep uploading new tracks to your account. If you’re making quality music, you will get recognized eventually.

However, if you stop at the first sign of trouble, your work will fade away into a literal ocean of small-time artists who got discouraged by the lack of initial success. That is why it’s important that you keep going even if you don’t make it on the first try.

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