Bringing Back 1980s Bridal Style

The 1980s were about extravagance, personality and power-dressing, and weddings were no different. The average cost of a wedding was the equivalent of $17,000 if you take into account inflation. Although getting married was still seen as being quite a traditional thing to do, when it came to fashion, bridal style was definitely out of the box. Gone was the idea of the demure bride, and instead everything about getting married was pop, rock and heavy metal. Big dresses, big hair, big hats and a big attitude. If you are planning a wedding with a difference, then it is time to bring back 1980s bridal style. There is no need to go with the flow, you can get married and look like rock and roll royalty.

Wedding Jewelry

Exchanging wedding rings is the most important part of any ceremony, as they are symbolic of your enduring love. Choosing the perfect wedding rings is important, as they are unique to each couple. In the 1980s, there was one ring that everyone wanted, and that ring belonged to Princess Diana. The 12K sapphire engagement ring is now one of the most famous rings in history, but at the time it sparked controversy. Diana didn’t go for a traditional heirloom like other members of the British Royal Family. Instead she chose the sapphire herself from a jeweler’s catalog and had the ring made. This was considered to be outrageous, as any commoner could do this. Diana, though, followed her own fashions, and was of course a style icon. The ring is now worn by Prince William’s wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. When you are choosing your own 1980s jewelry, go with the bling, choose your own precious stones and follow Diana’s lead.

The Dress

There are many key elements from 1980s wedding dresses that you will still see today - puffball sleeves, tulle skirts, lots of lace, mutton chop sleeves and veils that go on for days. When Demi Moore got married to Bruce Willis, she wore a detailed lace gown intertwined with flowers and pearls. When Madonna wed Sean Penn, she went for a dramatic strapless ball gown decorated with huge pink flowers. Her veil was attached to a cheeky black hat. When Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks married, she wore a short white tailored dress with a stylish peplum, and tulle all over the place. Your own bridal style can incorporate all of the above - just wear it with attitude!

Big Hair, Don’t Care

In the 1980s, immaculate, coiffured hair fell very much out of fashion. Instead brides were taking inspiration from the actresses and pop stars of the decade. One of the biggest trends was the shaggy perm - think Jon Bon Jovi, Cher, Van Halen, Poison and Stefanie Powers. The ultimate wedding hairstyle was of course Julia Roberts’. To make this hair even better, brides would weave in ribbons and satin to their flowing locks. The workout headband in white was also in fashion. This 1980s hair is still stylish today and definitely deserves a resurgence.

Bringing back 1980s bridal style is essential for our wellbeing. Weddings should be fun, brash, loud and a real celebration.

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