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The ’80s vs Now - What Has Changed Over the Years?

The ‘80s are looked back on fondly by the people who lived through them. While every decade creates its own ideas and memories, they all tend to be different than before. Folks tend to reminisce on the good times and pine for days gone by. You will find this feeling in people of all types, regardless of their age now.

Just because there have been rapid advances in technology over the years doesn't mean people have forgotten these times. While it may be straightforward these days to go online in a matter of seconds and place a bet at online kaszinók for example or search for online betting not Gamstop, it's not as much fun as going to a traditional casino.

Perhaps their life has been made easier in some aspects, but what they grew up with will always be remembered fondly. You hold this in your heart and mind forever and are bemused by questions from quite simply, a new generation.

While people yearn to relive the past, it's clear that there is no turning back now. Incredible changes have taken place in the world that we live in. The world of entertainment has reached the point of being at our fingertips no matter where we turn. Traditional pastimes from the ‘80s have not remained the same. So, what’s changed, and how so?

Great music, but harder to access

The ‘80s is seen by many to have been an era of heavyweights in the music industry. Artists like Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Bon Jovi, present only a small taste of the musical talent that was around back then.

They were creators of songs that are still being played and sang across the globe to this very day. Its seen as a golden age of music as opposed to the crass efforts that are being produced today in the majority.

However, the issue is that now, all music is accessible very easily. While both cassettes and CDs are easy to use, it was problematic trying to get the music you loved. You had to wait for an album or song release before you could get your hands on your favorite artists' material. These days music can be found on a variety of sites, with YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes helping you out with any musical request instantly.

Love the big screen?

Watching a movie was nearly seen as a big event in the ‘80s. Films would be advertised to be shown at a particular time, and they would be eagerly anticipated by people. It was a big thing to see a popular movie and was usually a topic of discussion for days after.

A trip to a movie theatre to see a new release was a joyful adventure, fueled by popcorn obviously, and the knowledge you were seeing the very latest in movies, directly.

Nowadays, watching movies scheduled by cable channels and even trips to the cinema have taken a hit. Streaming services have become available that can offer movies on demand whenever you like.

Illegal streaming sites have been known to have all the very latest movies, sadly negating the need to go to the cinema. Subscription sites like Netflix, with an endless library to choose from, have soared in popularity.

Trips to the Casino

While people tend to remain fans of casino trips, plenty has changed in this area to make folks miss the ‘80s. Boozy adventures to the casinos, with bright lights, and the newest games on the market to help you lose your money, seemed to appeal to everyone's sense of adventure! They were interesting places where you could also see fashion trends that were exploding in the ‘80s.

Apart from the fun side, the need to go to a casino these days has practically disappeared.

Online gambling sites have been received well, achieving tremendous success. Available to access no matter your location, they offer entertainment of all kinds without the usual expenses you would face going to a traditional casino. It's easy to see why people would use these sites but the days of packed casinos are certainly missed.

Advances in the Gaming World

People who grew up in this era often get nostalgic when the names Nintendo or Sega are mentioned. These two companies would battle it out, trying to outdo each other with superior consoles and the creation of now-legendary games. Following on from the ‘70s, the world of video gaming in all forms continued its rise into mainstream popularity. The quality of games has only increased even further since.

Games systems such as Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation that are available now would have seemed futuristic back then. These are both expensive purchases, so be sure to make the correct choice to get the most from your gaming experience.

Other classic games have been created, yet there are still games from the ‘80s that have stood the test of time and are still in demand today. You will still find adults from that generation wanting to recreate their childhood!


The ‘80s is a lifetime ago in so many ways. Things that may not have even been imagined possible back then are now taking place as normal occurrences in everyday life without a second thought. We take for granted many forms of entertainment that seem to be in use now constantly.

It's become a lot easier to explore the world of music, with options available to listen to the latest releases, or hard-to-find tracks, freely available. The presence of good music, however, is one area that appears to have deteriorated these days. Online sites, free or subscription-based, also offer the chance to watch movies or tv shows of any description, affecting traditional methods of viewing.

The fact that any gambling you wish to take part in can be done without even entering a casino has made the vibrant scene of the ‘80s seem like a distant memory. Fun times were had, and the social aspect of casinos has been severely hit. The gaming industry has seen some amazing improvements in both game quality and ease of gameplay, yet for some, they would much rather turn the clock back to the ‘80s when gaming was really entering the realm of becoming a global phenomenon.

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