Iconic '80s Video Games You Have to Play at Least Once

The '80s were the golden age of gaming and every true gaming fan should go back in time and play some of the classics from the era. Looking at older games will give you so much more appreciation for current ones. It’s also nice to know how some of the world’s most renowned gaming franchises started. You might be surprised by how fun some of these games are too. Let’s take a look at some iconic '80s everyone should try at least once.

Super Mario Bros

Let’s start with a classic. Many people consider Super Mario Bros to be the world's first true platformer, and we have to agree. It set the foundation for many of the top games we see today, and you can’t call yourself a gamer before you tried Super Mario Bros on the original NES. The game might seem a little bare-bones by today's standards, but is still loads of fun. You'll also get to know the origin stories of characters like Peach, Bowsers, and, of course, the two Mario Brothers.


Metroid and Castlevania are two more 80s games everyone should try. The reason why we put them together is that they're the games from which the term "Metroidvania" comes. When you play Castlevania and Metroid games, you'll start recognizing some of the elements you see in so many top current games like Hollow Knight and Axiom Verge, for instance.

But the best part is that these games still look and play great. What makes them so great is the open map exploration aspect and the small puzzles. They are very challenging too, so you can expect to have fun for hours trying to figure them out.

Casino Kid

Did you know that Nintendo had plans to let people play an actual lottery on their consoles but had to cancel them because of protests? Did you also know that there are tons of legit gambling games on the NES?

Nintendo seemed to be big fans of gambling at some point and one of the most well-known gambling-related games on the NES was Casino Kid. The game takes you right in the middle of a fictional version of Las Vegas where you have to beat the evil Casino King. The selection of games that you can play is a bit limited, but you still get the chance to play games like blackjack, five-card draw poker, and roulette.

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The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most recognized gaming franchises in history, with some people calling it the best one to have ever been created. The original The Legend of Zelda game looks nothing like Breath of the Wild but is still a must for anyone who wants to know where the whole legend started.

You might not get blown away by the graphics, but you'll love the puzzles the game has always been known for. They may look simple at first glance but can get very tough. They're not frustratingly tough, however, so the game is very satisfying. The storyline is also surprisingly complex for a game of that era. This is a game you have to try if you want to understand the later development in the series.

Retro games are a great way to experience gaming history firsthand but can also be tons of fun. So, we suggest you give these few games a try and look for other iconic titles as well.

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