Mega Construx Snake Mountain Playset Now Available On Amazon

The wait is almost over for Masters of the Universe Mega Construx collectors as the Snake Mountain playset is now available on Amazon. Skeletor's evil lair is a combination of the castle seen in the 1983 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series and the original playset toy produced by Mattel.

The new buildable playset has moving features including a working jaw for the demon head, a trap door that drops to monster pit, suspended rocking bridge, break-away escape wall, removeable wolf head totem and poseable snake head and torso. And like it's counterpart, Castle Grayskull, the set opens horizontally for inside and outside play. Snake Mountain also comes with 5 mini-figures.

Official description:

Return to the Dark Hemisphere when you build your own Snake Mountain. Faithfully recreated to summon destructive evil, this adult builder set harnesses all the dark magic you remember, including the cavern entrance, lavafall, suspended rocking bridge, prisoner shackles, monster pit with tentacles, coiling passageway that leads to the mountain's summit, trap door, break-away wall, computer console and, of course, Dragon Blaster Skeletor's iconic Bone Throne and table. Conquer the devious threats to become the true lord of Snake Mountain. Ideal for ages 14+.

Check out more images below and click over to order Snake Mountain on Amazon now! 

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