The 80s Weekly Issue #15 Newscast


The 80s Weekly is a newsletter and newscast featuring retro pop culture headlines from the world of movies, streaming, music, video games, comic books, collectibles, and more. Hosts Jason and Wyatt deliver the headlines and then give their reaction along with a rating of "Rad" or "Bad."

From the Studios, the Issue #15 newscast is out now and features the following headlines:
  1. Two Iconic Houses From 80s Movies are on the Market
  2. ‘Streets Of Rage’: Lionsgate Picks Up Feature Of Sega Videogame From ‘John Wick’s Derek Kolstad
  3. Bill & Ted's Princesses Get Their Own Comic In Opus Feb 2023 Solicits
  4. John Paragon, Aka ‘Jambi The Genie’ on ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse,’ Laid To Rest In Unique Urn
Listen to the newscast now...

Your 80s Tees of the Week are Chop Suey Palace Co and Have A Macho Christmas

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