VHS Finds: Your Christmas Yule Log Fireplace

Growing up in Central PA in the '80s, our local cable provider received the superstation WPIX out of New York City. One of the annual traditions that I accepted from a young age was the annual viewing of the "Yule Log" which featured hours of fireplace footage set to Christmas carols. The first airing dates back to 1966 but it was still popular in the 1980s and beyond.

During the height of the home video era, the popularity of the WPIX Yule Log carried over into the VHS world and gave viewers the option of feeling the warm cathode ray glow of a yule log any time they wanted. In 1987, Video Naturals distributed Your Christmas Yule Log Fireplace which was a 59-minute video presentation of a fireplace set to traditional Christmas music. In my trips to local thrift stores, I actually found a VHS copy of Your Christmas Yule Log Fireplace and have scanned it for preservation on the RD80s YouTube channel.

Watch it and tell me if you ever had the tradition of viewing Christmas yule log programs over the years.

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