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Baseball Firsts and Records in the 1980s

Squelle, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Major League Baseball players gave us plenty to cheer about in the 80s. First-time achievements and long-standing records being broken fueled the fantasies of little league players like myself to be played out in our backyards. Baseball-Almanac.Com has compiled all those great memories in one place and I've listed just a sampling here. I hope baseball fans will enjoy this look back at our childhood idols and remember why they were so highly revered.
  • 10-21-1980: Phillies win their first World Championship in their ninety-eight year history.
  • 09-26-1981: Nolan Ryan is the first and only pitcher with more than four no-hitters.
  • 11-11-1981: Fernando Valenzuela is the first pitcher to win both the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year awards in the same season.
  • 08-21-1982: Rollie Fingers is the first pitcher to record three-hundred career saves.
  • 08-27-1982: Rickey Henderson sets a record and is the first player with more than one-hundred and nineteen steals in a single season.
  • 07-06-1983: Fred Lynn hits the first grand slam in an All-Star game.
  • 1983: Cal Ripken, Jr. is first to play every inning of every game through the World Series.
  • 09-11-1985: Pete Rose sets the record and is first player with 4,192 hits.
  • 04-29-1986: Roger Clemens set the mark and is the first pitcher to fan twenty hitters in one game.
  • 09-29-1986: Two pitchers who knew each other well, Greg Maddux & Mike Maddux, become the first two brothers to pitch against each other as rookie starting pitchers in Major League history.
  • 09-14-1987: Blue Jays set a record by being first team to hit ten home runs in one game.

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