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Retro Top Ten: Batman Pet Peeves

After rummaging through some boxes in my garage in late 2011, I came across a book I had purchased awhile back. I was a huge David Letterman fan throughout my senior high school days in the early 90s, so a book of top ten lists belonged in my small library. Soon after I rediscovered the book, I decided that these the lists from the Late Night show in the 80s would be worth sharing again! These "retro top tens" are actual excerpts from my book, which can still be found online.

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa...

Batman's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. After a dramatic entrance at a scene of a crime, having to convince everybody he's not a professional wrestler.
9.   When you can see the outline of his underwear through the Bat suit.
8.   Punks who gather around and smart off while he's getting gas for the Batmobile.
7.   Nuclear power source for utility belt has rendered him sterile.
6.   When really stupid people shout out, "Hey! Where's Tonto?"
5.   When dry cleaner accidentally switches Bat suit and San Diego Chicken costume.
4.   When an episode focuses way too much on Jake (Oh, I'm sorry. That's one of the pet peeves of the "Fatman")
3.   Seeing Alfred the butler talking to Albert Goldman
2.   The way any two-bit moron with a flashlight and a pice of cardboard can summon him at night
1. When people call him "The Batman." It's just "Batman," damn it!

Find this Retro Top Ten List in this book...

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