Saturday Morning Cartoon Fix: Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling

If there is one thing that I miss most about growing up in the 80s, it would have to be watching Saturday morning cartoons! There was nothing like pouring yourself a bowl of your favorite cereal and getting up early to watch great cartoon shows. So why can't we relive a little of that now? Thanks to Youtube, we can watch full episodes of those great 80s animated shows (some of which are not yet available on DVD.) So, come rediscover your forgotten Saturday morning cartoons with RD80s Saturday Morning Cartoon Fix! This week's feature cartoon is Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling!
I was big into WWF wrestling growing up and when Hulkamania was "runnin' wild," it was only natural to make a cartoon series with popular wrestlers. Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling hit the Saturday morning airwaves on CBS in Sept 1985 and lasted 2 seasons, a total of 26 episodes. 
One of the major pitfalls of the show was that the characters failed to keep pace with the actual story lines of the WWF, mainly because of the extended period of time it took to produce episodes. The result was that some characters portrayed as "good guys" on the cartoon had made the heel turn to "villains" in the live programming. One other downfall was that voice actors were used for the characters instead of the actual wrestlers, which appeared during small live-action segments of the show. Overall, I do remember enjoying the show and remains one of those cartoons I think of when reminiscing of Saturday Morning in the 80s. You can enjoy 2 mini-episodes below, "Andre's Giant Problem" and "Junkyard 500." Also, check out a special Honeycomb commercial appearance by Andre the Giant!

Photo courtesy WWE

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