Saturday Morning Cartoon Fix: Shirt Tales

If there is one thing that I miss most about growing up in the 80s, it would have to be watching Saturday morning cartoons! There was nothing like pouring yourself a bowl of your favorite cereal and getting up early to watch great cartoon shows. So why can't we relive a little of that now? Thanks to Youtube, we can watch full episodes of those great 80s animated shows (some of which are not yet available on DVD.) So, come rediscover your forgotten Saturday morning cartoons with RD80s Saturday Morning Cartoon Fix! This week's feature cartoon is Shirt Tales!
Long before the Wonder Pets made their first rescue, there was another team of animals that went on incredible adventures. Shirt Tales were a crime solving group of animals that traveled the world in a transforming super-sonic vehicle. Each character donned a shirt of a different color that could show their feeling at the time by displaying a word. Tyg Tiger, Pammy Panda, Digger Mole, Rick Racoon, and Bogey Orangutan teamed up each episode at Oak Tree Park to set out on an adventure. Along the way they would usually tease the park ranger, Mr Dinkle.

Shirt Tales got their beginning as Hallmark greeting cards in 1980. After their popularity soared, they were adapted into a Saturday morning cartoon by Hanna Barbera in 1982. Episodes lasted 30 minutes and were split into two mini-episodes. Their run lasted just two seasons, totaling 46 episodes. Season 2 brought a couple changes including new characters and flashing red shirts when it was "Shirt Tale Time" to go on that episode's adventure. The show would later appear in reruns on USA's Cartoon Express. Shirt Tales has finally been made available on DVD through Warner Archive which means no full episodes on YouTube. You can find the series directly from their site or on Amazon. Check out a preview clip below and for good measure, I've also posted a C3POs cereal commercial from the same year. 

"Shirt Tales Preview Clip"

1982 C3POs Cereal Commercial

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