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Check Out VH1's I Love The 80s Trivia App

Can't tell you how much I LOVED watching the "I Love The '80s" show on VH1. Debuting in 2002, the TV series covered a wide array of topics from a specific year in the '80s and featured commentary from celebrities popular then and now. I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to use the same format for the upcoming Rediscover The 80s Podcast.

So naturally, when I discovered that VH1 released an I Love The 80s Trivia app I was really excited! My expectations have been met so far and have enjoyed challenging my own knowledge of the 80s with this app.

The Android app features 650 questions among 6 different quiz packs. The first three packs are named after the three different TV series released: I Love The '80s, I Love The '80s Strikes Back, and I Love the '80s in 3D. The three other packs are named "Rewind," "Revenge," and "I Totally." The app uses more than just the standard multiple choice questions by throwing in time line questions, where you must rearrange events to their correct chronological order. There are also matching questions where you must draw a line from the three images on the left to the three correct matching images on the right. 

Clearing 40 points in each timed 10 question round will unlock the next round on your way to conquering the quiz pack. The app also allows you to brag on Facebook with your high scores and also play a two player Bluetooth game. I have not tested it out but apparently a nearby friend with a Bluetooth device who also has the app can challenge you to a head-to-head trivia competition.

The app is free in both the Google Play and iTunes stores. The Android app seems to offer all 6 quiz packs for free while the iOS app offers just the 1st pack for free with the option of adding the other 5 packs for $.99 each. The color scheme and background images give the game a nice '80s ambiance. I'd recommend checking it out if your on Android and love trivia, but if your on iOS, you can probably get an equal experience on some of the other free 80s trivia apps. Please leave a comment with your thoughts on VH1's I Love The 80s Trivia app or if you have a different trivia app you'd recommend.

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