Rediscover the 80s Podcast Episode 1: Show Notes & Links

RD80s Podcast 1: Show Notes & Links

The debut of the Rediscover The 80s Podcast! It's been a couple months in the making, but episode #1 is finally here. Visit the announcement post from early this week to get the full story behind the development of the show. Each episode, I'll be posting the accompanying notes and links so listeners will have an opportunity to connect with the panel of guests and get a run down of all the topics on the show.


  • Movies - Ghostbusters memories, favorite scenes/lines, theme song/music video, Huey Lewis vs. Ray Parker, Filmation vs. Real Ghostbusters cartoons, should they make GB3?
  • Wapner's Revenge - Judge Wapner sentences the podcast panel to 48 hours of solitary confinement with either "Dont Worry Be Happy" or "Never Gonna Give You Up" on continuous loop. 
  • Cartoons - Which cartoon deserved more than its 13 episode lifetime, Pole Position or Turbo Teen?
  • Trapped - The podcast panel finds themselves trapped on a deserted island with two 80s TV commercial pitchmen...Jacko the Austrilian Energizer battery guy and electronics superstore guru Crazy Eddie.
  • Food - Which of these fast food offerings from the 80s would you want to make a comeback? McDonald's McDLT, Wendy's Superbar Buffet, or Taco Bell Choco Taco.
  • Television - Alf memories, favorite episodes/lines, toys/merchandise.
  • Do You Remember? - Do you remember the first movie you watched in the comfort of your home on a VCR or Betamax?
  • Fads - Trapper Keeper memories, designs.
  • Drive - Which Hollywood vehicle would you rather have parked in your driveway with all features available? Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine or K.I.T.T.?
  • Music - Run DMC memories, favorite albums/songs, impact of "Walk This Way" with Aerosmith



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Intro: "Close To The Edit" by Art of Noise Buy MP3 on Amazon
Background Tracks: All available as free downloads on Soundcloud (As of May 23, 2013)

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