The Weekly Links: Goldbergs, Movie Montages, and Al Bundy

New weekly post! As with the items in the Weekend Bargain Bin finds on Amazon, I come across many great articles about the '80s each week that I usually share on Facebook and Twitter. If you are like me though, you don't always get a chance to thumb through your social media feeds every day. I figured a compilation of these '80s articles would be a nice weekly feature on the RD80s blog. I'll be linking to a wide scope of articles across the net each week about '80s culture. Plus, I'll also include some shameless links for my friends and some of my stuff on other sites.

Here are The Weekly Links for 8/7/13!

- I'll go on record as saying this will either be extremely good or horribly middle ground. They are gonna need more than big hair and loud fashion to make this show last more than a dozen or so eisodes.

80s Fashion Trends You Can Still Rock Today - Babble
- I'm not sure I'd be daring enough to rock a pink undershirt with a white blazer the next time Mrs. Fleagulls and I go out, but I can see the ladies getting away with some of these trends today.

8 Of The Best 80s Movie Montages - Guyism
- What a great list idea...but will they include even one of the half dozen featured in Over The Top?

What Al Bundy Taught Me About Life - DoYouRemember
- This three part post reflects on all the little things Al Bundy taught us about life.
- Some great ones here that go a little deeper than the more popular John Hughes films.

Back to the 80s: Interview With Songwriter/Composer Paul Gordon - Old School 80s Blog
- You are missing out if you've never been to Old School Tim's blog. He's featured dozens of interviews with '80s pop culture celebs and his latest guest wrote songs like  "Friends and Lovers" and "The Next Time I Fall."

'Swamp Thing' Rises out of the Swamps for a Blu-ray that Is Better than the Sum of Its Parts - PopMatters
- Been forever since I watched this movie! The article also goes into an extensive review and history of the franchise.
ADIDAS Drops Limited Edition Run-DMC Kicks & Apparel - AllHipHop
- ADIDAS is releasing commemorative Run DMC superstars this September with a premium throwback clothing line already in their online store.

- I was recently invited back on the EDP for a 3rd time to discuss everything MTV. The first part was released this week in which we discuss all kinds of music videos including our favorites, least favorites, creepy, sexy, and weird. We also go into the original VJs, MTV news, and more. Take a listen!
Retro Fit Your Mancave, Arcade Style - Rediscover the '80s
- My longtime friend and sometimes RD80s contributor Wyatt Bloom made a triumphant return this week to the blog! He found some fun arcade items from a UK company that would go great in your mancave or game room.

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