The Weekly Links: 80s Lego Creations, Ferris Bueller Slot Machine, BTTF/Knight Rider Mashup,

October is here and The Weekly Links are back like a bad 80s horror movie sequel...only a little more entertaining (I hope.) I found some great articles and videos this week that kept the 80s alive. 

I also hope you've been following what's been happening right here on the blog. I've got two giveaways going at the present time. The first is two autographed paperback copies of Tom Harvey's book The Eighties: A Bitchen Time To Be a TeenagerContest runs through October 7th, but today is the last day to download for free on Amazon so head on over now before time runs out! I also made the announcement today that RD80s will be celebrating the A-Team's 30th anniversary all month long on the blog. I've put together an awesome prize pack for one lucky person that includes new and vintage A-Team items plus some extra goodies from the RD80s prize bin (actually it's more of a laundry basket.) Visit the Giveaways page to also put your name in the hat, sucka!

Now onto the links...

Back to the Future/Knight Rider Intro Mashup - TheMoeFwacky
 - The Laughing Squid brought this mashup to my attention this week. I've posted some Star Wars/TV Theme mashups in the past and thought this was pretty good.

GAMING: New slots flashback to ’80s - PE Bloggers
 - If you needed a reason to start gambling, check out these slot machines based on Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Atari's Centipede arcade game. Wait, I can pump quarters into Centipede and have a chance to win them back?? Nice!!

These News Bloopers From The '80s Are The Best - BuzzFeed
 - These bloopers are worthy of being presented by Dick Clark and Ed McMahon. Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Sam Donaldson.

LEGO CUUSOO Goonies and E.T.
 - I saw several sites post these Lego creations this week. You can click the names above and show your support to produce these two sets. One-eyed Willie's ship would be awesome!

Interview with Yuji Okumoto from The Karate Kid Part II & more - Kickin' it Old School
 - Old School Tim found "Chozen" running a restaurant in Seattle and gave an awesome interview about his early success in '80s films like Karate Kid Part II and Better Off Dead.

Dream Arcades Takes '80s Nostalgia to a New Level - Entrepeneur
 - Wanting to put arcade machines in your house, but don't have the space or money? Check out Dream Arcades that load several games into one upright cabinet, cocktail table, and other style machines to save you some cash and garage space!

Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey - PBS documentary
 - I was able to find time to watch this the other night on PBS. I thought it was a very interesting story about Filipino native Arnel Pineda who went from YouTube to lead singer of Journey. If you missed it, add it to your Netflix queue and watch it this week. 

18 Questions '80s Kids Shows Left Unanswered - BuzzFeed
 - Very fun article. Why were the Thundercats naked in the pilot episode? Was Thundera like the feline Garden of Eden?

50 Reasons Why Die Hard Is The Greatest Action Movie Of All Time - WhatCulture
 - Seriously, did we need 50 to crown this as the best action flick of all time? I'll give you one. YippeeKi...

Here's Why "Unsolved Mysteries" Is Still The Most Terrifying Show Of All Time - BuzzFeed
 - Since Halloween is in the air, I thought I'd finish with a fun revisit of spooky stories told by a guy in a trench coat. Who wasn't scared of this show? I wouldn't watch it even as a teenager. And the theme...I think its what Jem used to get her hair to stand up.

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  1. Thanks for including the Yuji interview. Hope people check it out. Always appreciated!

  2. I am all about that E.T. Lego set (I know, surprising, right?;))

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