The Weekly Links: Delta Flies '80s, Mad Men/Benson Mashup, Puma's 1987 Smart Sneaker

It's time once again to reveal the totally rad, totally tubular, and totally awesome stories that make up The Weekly Links! I've decided to start featuring one video each week that will be "TWL Video of the Week." I won't be limiting TWL to just one video, but there always seems to be one that stands above the rest and needs to be honored as such.

This week's video is a safety video by Delta that is an '80s throwback. It features fantastic fashion fads and everything from Alf to Devo. After flying just this past week and hearing the airline safety spiel 4 times, I found it hilarious. Trust me, it's the best 5 minutes you'll spend this week.

TWL Video of the Week
"Delta's '80s In-Flight Safety Video" - Delta YouTube channel

Super Bowl ads hope to score with nostalgia - USA Today via Do You Remember
 - Looks like this year's big game will include commercials featuring the Muppets, a Full House reunion, and a healthy dose of Wang Chung-ing.

Nanu Nanu! 9 Other Vintage Sitcom Reunions We Want to See - UnderScoopFire!
 - Mini-reunions are happening this year with Pam Dauber soon to make a guest appearance on The Crazy Ones and Christopher Lloyd on The Michael J. Fox Show. Here are a few other that USF wants to see.

30 Best Kids TV Theme Tunes Of The 1980s - WhatCulture!
 - The list is coming from a British perspective so there are some like Transformers that were left off the list. Still a fun article.

‘Draper’: The Mad Men/Benson Mash-Up That Everyone Wanted Is Finally Here - UPROXX
 - As a Mad Men fan, got a kick out of this video mashup with the Benson theme.

Pharrell's Grammy Hat Was Actually an Amazing Cultural Reference, Guys - PolicyMic
 - Pharrell made some waves this week with his hat choice at the Grammys. It's actually a nod to a 1982 hip hop music video.

Then and Now: 80s Pop Stars - ctpost
 - Here's a fun 44 page slideshow of '80s music artists that shows them then and now.

This is what the entire stadium in Tecmo Super Bowl would look like... - Kotaku
 - Stole this image for the RD80s Facebook page with the Superbowl coming up this weekend.

Check Out 19-Year-Old Johnny Depp Playing Guitar - BuzzFeed
 - This video was in contention for Video of the Week. Watch a young Johnny Depp on lead guitar with The Kids as they play "What I Like About You" by the Romantics.

Fox & MGM Sued In Multimillion-Dollar ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ Profits Suit - Deadline
 - Looks like the producer and writer of the film are still waiting to profit from Bernie's untimely death.

10 Telltale Signs You're Watching an '80s Movie - iVilliage
 - Thought this was a fun article that included signs like "is John Cusack in the movie?" and "a character that frequently breaks the 4th wall."
 - This was pretty fascinating and had no idea this tech was developed. Apparently, Puma developed a shoe with a mini computer that could track running distance and then upload the data to your Apple II home 1987!

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