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Casting Call: Jem and The Holograms Live Action Movie

Showtime Synergy! News broke yesterday that John M. Chu, director of G.I. Joe Retaliation, is putting together a live-action Jem & The Holograms movie! I'm not sure why I'm excited as I the latest G.I. Joe movie (and the Transformers films) have been somewhat "ho-hum" in regards to my nostalgic feelings. But for some reason, this adaptation is one I think could stir up some retro fun. Chu posted the following video on JemTheMovie.Com yesterday, asking for fan input:
Now I remember the cartoon of course, but was too busy watching shows like Challenge of the Gobots and M.A.S.K. to care anything about Jem (plus I was a boy. C'mon, boys don't watch Jem or She-Ra or My Little Pony, right?) So rather than I come up with a "misfit" attempt  at trying to cast the movie, I'll leave it to the experts.
JR Sanchez's picks Julianne Hough for Jem via DeviantArt
A quick Google search came up with several blogposts by diehard fans over the last few years and their choices should a live-action Jem movie ever get made. For someone who knows just enough about Jem to get through a round of trivia, I was very entertained. Most of these casting bids have side-by-side shots of their choices so I know you hardcore fans will enjoy this. I'll be highlighting some of the main choices, but click the links to view the entire lineup.
Dankawamori Xrl posted this video on YouTube in Sept 2012 and chose Glee actress Dianna Agron to play the lead role. Other notables included Zooey Deshanel as Kimber and Charlize Theron as Synergy which would provide some A list stock to the film

Forces of Geek took Katy Perry for Jem as shown in the title image and also Nicky Minaj for Shayna which seems to be an appropriate and popular choice. Another interesting choice was Lady Gaga for Synergy.

Buzznet chose Russian pop singer Kerli for the lead role and Katy Perry as Stormer of the Holograms. Another interesting choice for Synergy as well, Gwen Stefani. This brings up the question, should we be looking for a singer or an actress or someone who has done both?

Larrie King took Hunger Games and All My Children actress Leven Rambin for Jem and chose Rupaul Charles for Synergy which would be truly outrageous! You can tell King knows his stuff though as he also close his reasoning why he chose each actress/actor.

Risha put together a Pinterest board for various selections which include Lady Gaga as Roxy as country stars Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift as possibles for the lead role.

Film.Com took the aforementioned Zooey DeShanel for Jem and Rihana as Hologram drummer. The most interesting selection was Madonna for Synergy which I could definitely see working.

Breakfast From Paris selected Rachel McAdams for Jem and two Zooeys (Zoe) in the Holograms. Misfit choices could break the film's budget, but I do like the Juliette Lewis choice for Pizzazz.

Spanengrish chose many we've already mentioned including another vote for Rachel McAdams as the lead. the interesting one her was Pink for the Misfits leader Pizzazz and Avril Levine as Roxy. Now that's some serious attitude.

So, any choices stand out to you? Should singers be chosen first and then actors? Or would you prefer acting experience that could be trained to sing?

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  1. Stormer should be played by katy perry
    Roxy by kesha and Pizzaz by Rachel mcadams

  2. why is shana white ? this movie will be a flop

  3. if you don't put katy perry in the title role with 80s rock this will be a flop


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