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The Weekly Links: Tony Hawk Rides Hoverboard, Tetris Business Card, Jedi Knight E.T.

Another round of The Weekly Links is here! Good news this week, no '80s celebrities passed away...yay! But yesterday did mark 20 years since we lost John Candy. Wow, how time flies. I was a senior in high school in 1994 when the news broke and remembering being very sad. Even then I was a huge fan of films like Uncle Buck, Spaceballs, and The Great Outdoors. Had a blast putting together a post awhile back that ranked his top 5 film characters.

In other news, this week's video was sent to me by a Facebook friend yesterday. It features a DeLorean pulling into a parking lot and out pops Dr Emmett Brown himself Christopher Lloyd. Waiting for him is professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. Lloyd steps out of the car with a long briefcase which turns out to be a "real" hoverboard. The 4 minute video features other celebrities like football player Terrell Owens and techno music artist Moby, plus a few ordinary people testing out this hoverboard. I was skeptical from the beginning based on the video being simply called "belief" and all of the slow motion. Plus the thing was hovering so high on its own I was like "how could you touch the ground to move it?" Well, word has it now that Funny or Die might be behind the video which would explain it. Still we can dream...

TWL Video of the Week
 - Been forever since I watched Spinal Tap. This was a great article celebrating it's 30th anniversary.

Top Songs from 80s that Reached #2 but Never Made it to #1 - Kickin' it Old School
 - Great list of songs that you could've sworn reached the top spot on the charts. Would've put money on "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About ‘Castlevania’ - UPROXX
 - I remember playing the original game on NES over at a friend's house and loving it. Some great facts here on the franchise.

Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (February 2014) - Slicing Up Eyeballs
 - Recently just found that SUE has been putting out mixtapes of great '80s rock and new wave for a long time. It's something I would love to do for RD80s if I had the time. Stream or download the latest mixtape featuring Crowded House, Devo, The Jam, and Thomas Dolby.

Awesome 80s Bedrooms: Big Edition - Branded in the 80s
 - These treasure hunts through feature films are always fun. This time Shawn explores Big and finds over 20 goodies.

Business Card Plays Tetris. Never Be Unemployed Again. - Kotaku
 - Talk about the wow factor when meeting with a potential customer. I bet the price tag per card would be enough to put yourself out of business though.

11 Television Homes We Always Wished We Could Live In - UnderScoopFire!
 - Many here from the '80s including my #1 choice which would be the Silver Spoons house. I'd never leave the rec room filled with arcade cabinets and Foosball. I'd also throw in Stringfellow Hawk's pad from Airwolf. Hard to top a cabin on the lake.

Meet the three very bizarre choices to direct the new He-Man movie - io9
 - According to sources, one of the potential director choices is Chris McKay who did the recent Lego movie. Now that would get me excited for this potential train wreck of a film.

Which ’80s Pop Icon Are You? - BuzzFeed
 - Always a sucker for these quizzes. My answers led me to Michael Jackson.

New Details And Artwork For BOOM! Studios’ ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ - Strange Kids Club
 - I'm not a huge comic book fan, but the fact that '80s properties are getting new tales is pretty cool. Chalk this one up along with the Knight Rider, Miami Vice, Airwolf, and other comics on the horizon.

Rick Springfield Announces Tour With Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo - Billboard
 - This should be a fun little tour. Always glad to see '80s artists still on the road and giving back to their fans.

This E.T. Theory Involving Star Wars Will Blow Your Mind - BuzzFeed
 - E.T., a Jedi knight? Somehow, this made sense to me.

Transformers: Age of Extinction teaser trailer
- So the viral video today is the new Transformers trailer. Have to admit, I'm anxious to see this film with Mark Wahlberg taking over for Shia LeBouf. Do you thing this movie will be a step in the right "direction" for the Michael Bay films?

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