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Watch Transformers The Movie From 1986 on YouTube!

Transformers: The Movie from 1986 is one of those films that instantly takes me back to my childhood. I remember pretty vividly seeing it in the theater and being saddened when Optimus Prime (SPOILER ALERT!) dies. It never really darkened my perspective of the franchise like some, maybe because I liked several other cartoon shows more. But I still enjoyed the movie immensely and it made a lasting impression on my 10 year old mind.

What's amazing about this movie now is it's lack of availability in the U.S. on DVD. Limited releases in Canada and the U.K.on DVD has left us Americans clinging to our VHS copies. The going price of $99.99 on Amazon is ridiculous, but luckily the full movie can be found on YouTube! You never know when stuff like this will be pulled so enjoy while you can...

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