The Weekly Links: Ghostbusters As A Sitcom, 'Amazing Stories' Being Rebooted, Fan-Made Legend of Zelda Maker

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! I've got some news to pass along for those of you who enjoy this weekly round-up. This will be the last edition of The Weekly Links as I'm planning a fun makeover! Come back to RD80s next Friday and experience the new Recurrent Events roundup and podcast!! I will continue to share all the latest retro news links that pop in my feed (even some stories that might be outside the '80s) AND I'll be releasing an accompanying podcast featuring reaction to several stories. I'll be hosting the podcast and will also welcome a rotation of guests to create some fun interaction. Can't wait to share so please come back next week and experience this new RD80s feature!

I was traveling for several days this past week so I only posted a few articles to the website over that stretch. Here are the latest in case you missed them:

My favorite video this week came to me via IFC and features Ghostbusters being reimagined as a sitcom. The 90-minutes video combines cuts from both features films with cheesy upbeat saxophone music to make a fun intro sequence. Watch the films on IFC during November.

TWL Video of the Week
"Ghostbusters: The Sitcomby IFC

Enjoy the rest of this week's links!

This Year's Most Insane Halloween House Light Display Synchronized To Ghostbusters Theme Song - Geekologie
Popular movie posters get animated with the actual scene from the movie - io9
Dan Aykroyd Says the New Ghostbusters Might Be Funnier Than the Original Ghostbusters - Vulture
AWESOME-tober-fest 2015: Destroyer (1988) movie review - Cavalcade of Awesome
15 Essential '80s Sci-Fi Movies You Need to See - Moviefone
Which Breakfast Club Character Are You? - PlayBuzz
Sylvester Stallone Is Selling a Career's Worth of Movie Memorabilia - mental_floss
Interview: We picked John Carpenter’s brain about horror, Halloween, and video games - A.V. Club
AWESOME-tober-fest 2015: Scarlet in Gaslight (1987) - Cavalcade of Awesome
The Hateful Life And Spiteful Death Of The Man Who Was Vigo The Carpathian - io9
31 years ago today: ‘The Terminator’ opened in theaters - HitFix
15 Facts You Didn't Know About the Original 'Ghostbusters' - Yahoo! Movies
Stop Acting Like 'Jem And The Holograms' Failure Is Our Victory - Pajiba
How Jem and the Holograms Failed To Live Up To The Cartoon (As Well As Basic Storytelling) - io9
They're Never Going To Recast Indiana Jones - io9
30 years later, Krush Groove still a campy time capsule of hip-hop's start in the '80s - Stuck in the 80s
17 "Princess Bride" Gifts You Need In Your Life - BuzzFeed Rewind
'Ghostbusters' Star Kristen Wiig on Backlash Over All-Female Cast: "Really Bummed Me Out" - Yahoo! Movies
Jon Chu Wants to Make a GI Joe/Transformers/Jem Crossover Movie - io9

‘Amazing Stories’ Will Be Retold By Bryan Fuller & Amblin TV - Deadline
Twitch viewers are totally smitten with Bob Ross and his happy little trees - Mashable
Bret Saberhagen’s Terrible ’80s Rap Commercial Goes To The Next Level In This ‘Tonight Show’ Sketch - UPROXX
Bill Murray Speaks Candidly in This Rare, Animated Interview from 1988 - Neatorama
A Disney Halloween 1983 Special - How I Spent My Childhood
All of Me: NBC Developing Remake of '80s Steve Martin Comedy - TV Series Finale
HBO’s Tales From The Crypt Promo (1989) - Retroist

A Reticent Michael Jackson Briefly Wows the Audience When James Brown Calls Him to the Stage - Laughing Squid
Michael Jackson Films The Video For Bad In 1986 Brooklyn (Photos) - Flashbak
J. Geils Band's long-forgotten Halloween-themed classic - Stuck in the 80s
Phil Collins Plotting Comeback: 'I Am No Longer Retired' - RollingStone
What If... Linda Ronstadt Started a Band With Captain America and Dr. Strange? - io9
Pop Rewind Festive Halloween Party Playlist - Pop Rewind
10 Things We Learned From Phil Collen's Wild Def Leppard Memoir - RollingStone
Hasbro Studios and Sony Music/Legacy Recordings to Release My Little Pony Holiday Album on November 6th - Hasbro
10 Signs You're Secretly A Badass 80s Rocker At Heart - ThoughtCatalog
TV Tops: In 1981-1982 Adam Ant Was A Comic Book Hero - Flashbak
Music Dispatch: Beastie Boys’ LICENSED TO ILL will be Musical Theater Production - Nerdist

Fan-Made ZELDA Version of SUPER MARIO MAKER - Nerdist
Watch all the best NES games being speedrun this weekend - Polygon
The Nintendo Console From The 80s Made For Recording Gameplay Footage - Kotaku
Ultimate Guide To Retro Gaming Flash Cards, Cartridges & Backup Devices - RetroCollect

Here Are the First Official Shots of the Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ Set - Gizmodo
DC Retro 8" Super Friends Series Wonder Twins Multi-Pack - Toy News International
Wonderful Womenswear from the 1980 Kays Catalogue - Flashbak
Question Of The Day: Why Did 1980s Cars Have 85-MPH Speedometers? - Yahoo!
Read This: The secret history of Sports Illustrated’s football phone - A.V. Club
How Cool Were You In The 80s? - PlayBuzz
Vinyl Sugar Announces Wonder Woman Dorbz Ridez and Vinyl Idolz: Christmas Vacation - Awesome Toy Blog
Ranking The Horde Toys - Horror Movie BBQ
Haunted with Your Favorite Monsters: Remembering Remco’s Mini-Monster Play Case (1980) - Flashbak
Book Review: Masters of the Universe Mini-Comic Collection - The Fwoosh
Arcade Cosplay Evening Gowns - Neatorama
5 Transforming Costume Ideas to Take Your Halloween to the Next Level - mental_floss
The Mask Makes It — Halloween Costumes of the 1980s - Like Totally 80s

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