Recurrent Events 11/06/15: 'Greatest American Hero' Reboot, Metroid Fan Film, G.I. Joe POP! Vinyls

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the new Recurrent Events! For 2 years now I've posted The Weekly Links wrap up every Friday on RD80s and recently decided it was time for a fresh approach. The new Recurrent Events will offer the same type of retro-based article links I've always shared but will also incorporate an accompanying podcast to add a new dimension each week. I also be venturing some outside the decade of the '80s in order to capture even more content.

Sifting through the headlines each week always makes me want to chat with my peers and get their reactions to all these reboots and such. The new Recurrent Events Podcast will feature myself and a few of my podcasting friends tackling several of the top retro news headlines of the week. I hope you'll take a minute to listen and subscribe so you can get inject some retro into your Friday commute or work day! 

This week's podcast topics include the Greatest American Hero TV series reboot, Mark Walhberg's 6 Billion Dollar Man movie adaptation, the new Star Trek series on CBS, a Contra video game sequel being released in China, and the new G.I. Joe POP! Vinyl figures. Guest are Chad E. Young (@horrormoviebbq), Brian "Hail Mary" Morin (@bmorin54), and Wyatt Bloom (@infamouswb). Stream the latest episode above or visit the Recurrent Events Podcast webpage. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher or iTunes.

Here are some headlines I posted this week on RD80s, some of which we discussed in this week's podcast:

Okay, moms and dads. I'm calling you out to force your teens to listen to more '80s music! As evidenced by my favorite video of the week, the React channel proves that our kids need more Run-DMC and a-ha in their lives!

Video of the Week
"Do Teens Know 80s Music?by React

Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events for Nov 6, 2015!

'Inside Out's' Bing Bong Was Inspired by John Candy in 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles' - Yahoo! Movies
‘Weird Science’ Star Ilan Mitchell-Smith Talks Babes, Bullies, And Bras, 30 Years Later - UPROXX
Colin Welland, Oscar-Winning Writer of 'Chariots of Fire,' Dies at 81 - The Hollywood Reporter
The Best Teen Movies of the 80s - Moviepilot
15 Fun Facts About 'Monty Python's The Meaning of Life' - mental_floss
Mark Wahlberg's Six Billion Dollar Man Movie Is Officially Happening - io9
Steven Spielberg Wants to Make a Fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie with Harrison Ford - Flavorwire
Celebrate 25 Years of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS with Rare Archival Photos - Nerdist
The Cast Of A Nightmare On Elm Street: Then And Now - PlayBuzz
Inside Danny Elfman's Twisted Cult Film 'Forbidden Zone' - RollingStone
Live, die, and live again with a comparison of Fury Road and the rest of the Mad Max films - A.V. Club
'A View to a Kill' Star Grace Jones Writes About Scaring Roger Moore and Recording Her Lines Nude - Yahoo! Movies

‘Greatest American Hero’ Remake From Rick Famuyiwa, Phil Lord & Chris Miller Gets Fox Commitment - Deadline
'Wonder Woman,' 40 years later: The classic TV premiere's top feminist moments - Mashable
Good Grief! 18 Beloved Facts About 'Peanuts' - mental_floss
How Mac Tonight Became The King Of Fast Food Commercials - Neatorama
Batmobile Creator George Barris Dies at 89 - The Hollywood Reporter
Four Words We Only Knew Because of Sitcom Opening Themes - UnderScoopFire
Bill Simmons Has His First Project At HBO, And It Involves André The Giant - UPROXX
John Stamos, Gene Simmons Recall Insane 1986 Bomb 'Never Too Young to Die' - The Hollywood Reporter
The Absolutely Terrible Muppets Reboot Is Already Being Rebooted - io9
6 Meddlesome Neighbors of TV Sitcoms - Pop Rewind
Amazing Stories: Bryan Fuller on Steven Spielberg collaboration - Den of Geek
How Well Do You Remember The Gummi Bears? - PlayBuzz
The 25th anniversary of Jessie Spano’s breakdown is so exciting, so scary - A.V. Club
Every Episode of Saved by the Bell, Ranked From Worst to Best - Vulture
12 Feathered Facts About 'Charlie's Angels' - mental_floss
A New Star Trek Series Has Been Ordered at CBS - Vulture
Enjoy This Showbiz Pizza Dragon’s Lair TV Commercial! (1983) - Retroist
The 9 Cartoon Intros from the 80s We’re Most Thankful For (and Why) - UnderScoopFire


Devil You Know Cover 80s Anthem “Eye of the Tiger” - Revolver Magazine
Chris Martin Explains How Guns N' Roses Influenced New Coldplay Album 'A Head Full of Dreams' - Billboard
15 hits from the 80s you didn't know were cover versions! - Metro
27 years ago: The Beach Boys made chart history when ‘Kokomo’ hit No. 1 - Hitfix
Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels remembers the '80s - AM New York
10 Totally 80s Lost Hits You May Or May Not Remember - K-Earth 101
Hall & Oates scored an '80s montage for a '90s movie - A.V. Club
Watch Danny Elfman play 'Dead Man's Party' for first time since 1995 - Stuck in the 80s
Can You Complete 20 Iconic Lines From 80's Songs? - PlayBuzz

Super Nintendo PlayStation SNES-CD Prototype Finally Revealed - RetroCollect
How to play Space Invaders on your PC - Betanews
Which 80's Arcade Video Game Character Are You? - PlayBuzz
Konami is bringing back Contra — in China, at least - Polygon
Mario Takes Over a Sonic Game - Kotaku

Knowing is Half the Battle, the Other Half is Buying G.I. Joe Pop! - Funko
National Toy Hall of Fame Reveals its 2015 Inductees - mental_floss

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