April Fool's Day Was Brainy Smurf's Worst Nightmare (VIDEO)

There's nothing like pulling a prank on a really intelligent friend. It allows you to say for at least one moment, you were smarter than them. April Fool's Day seems like the most opportune time to pull off said pranks and it was no different in Smurf Village.

In the "April Smurf's Day" episode, Brainy becomes the target of pranks from pretty much every Smurf. Imagine being labeled as "the smart one" and everyone has it out to pull off the perfect prank on that special day (even Smurfette!) April Smurf Day must've been Brainy's worst nightmare each year. Imagine everyone trying to "1-up" each other so they could say they pull the best prank on the smartest Smurf. It's a wonder Brainy didn't go on a killing spree.

Watch Brainy get pranked and then Gargamel pulling off the best prank to capture the Smurfs in the full episode below...

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