Rick Astley Celebrates Turning 50 With First Album In A Decade, Listen To 'Keep Singing' Single

No, this isn't a Rickroll trick. Rick Astley is not yet ready to give up on his music career even at age 50. (Yes, 50!!) His 7th studio album simply titled 50 is set to release on June 16 ahead of his summer UK tour. It was 26 years ago in 1993 that he retired from the music industry to focus on family life. Since then, he has periodically released new albums beginning in 2001 and most recently 2005.

Now with a new label (BMG), Astley just debuted the first single "Keep Singing" from the forthcoming 50 album and its music video. It may not be the style of music you remember, but there is no doubt he can still sing nearly 30 years after his debut. Watch the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments...

Download the new single from iTunes or Amazon now.

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