Turbo Teen Transformation Supercut (VIDEO)

One of my favorite obscure cartoons of the '80s is Turbo Teen. The series debuted one week before the Transformers animated series in Sept 1984 and aired for just one 13-episode season. For those who may not remember, Turbo Teen followed the crime-fighting adventures of Brett Matthews and his friends.

As told in the intro, Brett accidentally crashed into a top secret science experiment one stormy night which caused him to become molecularly bonded with his red Trans Am-like sports car. From that point forward, extreme hot and cold temperatures made him transform into a car and also back to a boy. I remember watching the show as a kid and thinking how cool it would be do have that ability!

The Ruby-Spears produced show has never formally been released to DVD and only a couple full-length episodes in English appear on YouTube. However, after a recent hunt I did find all 13 episodes (some in Spanish and German) and thought it would be fun to make a supercut of all the Turbo Teen transformation sequences! Some were reused and several occasions where the transformation happened "off camera" so I decided not to include them.

The final compilation includes 52 sequences set to a synthwave soundtrack for your viewing pleasure! Please share and subscribe to the RD80s YouTube channel...

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