Recurrent Events 05/21/16: Transformers 5 Titled 'The Last Knight', 'Cop Rock' Gets DVD Release, Ecto Cooler Returns

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the Recurrent Events! Lots of headlines this week and Ghostbusters was definitely on my mind! The 2nd trailer and new international trailer dropped this week and I thought they were an improvement from the first. I was also lucky enough to score a promo pack of Ecto Cooler this week before it's official release at the end of the month! I'll be posting a review soon with my boys as they'll get to taste for the first time. I'm very excited to see the new movie and seriously considering sneaking in some Ecto Cooler that opening weekend.

Coming up next week on the site will be a review of Madballs #2 comic book by Chad E Young of and my review of another Pac-man themed mobile game.

Here are the articles posted this week on RD80s:

I saw several fun videos this week, but I really enjoyed this '80s-style TV commercial based on Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted that came to me via HitFix...

Video of the Week

Here are your Recurrent Events links for May 21, 2016!

The 5th Transformers Film Gets a Cryptic Title, Begins Production Next Month - Vulture
The International ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Will Make You Feel Good - UPROXX
Take a Spin in the Gnarly New Turtle Van From ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ (New Clip!) - Yahoo! Movies
11 Rapid-Fire Facts About 'The Untouchables' - Mental Floss
Run The Series: The Toxic Avenger franchise is a monument to putridness, nihilism, and itself - The A.V. Club
Watch David Letterman's Unsuccessful Screen Test for 'Airplane!' - Yahoo! Movies
Baywatch finishes filming, first official picture released - Den of Geek
The top 25 80s-style coming of age films - Den of Geek
'Tetris' Movie to Be $80M U.S.-China Co-Production - THR
10 Rich Facts About 'Brewster's Millions' - Mental Floss
Rick Rossovich Shares 'Top Gun' Memories as Movie Turns 30 - Yahoo! Movies
Nothing Will Ever Top This Magical ‘Teen Witch’ Cast Reunion - UPROXX
X-Men: Apocalypse mutants get '80s-inspired album covers - EW
How Sexism Ruins Ghostbusters for Everyone, Even the People Who Don’t Care - UnderScoopFire!
My Little Pony Movie Gets Voices - Go Figure News
'Top Gun': On Its 30th Anniversary, A Look Back at the 1986 Reviews - Yahoo! Movies
Ghostbusters 2016 – Updated Trailer - Pop Rewind

Dad and daughter perform delightful rendition of A-ha's 'Take on Me' - Mashable
World Goth Day 2016: Top 13 Goth records from the 1980s ranked - Metro
Eighties icon Molly Ringwald sings jazz in Canberra - Canberra Times
80s Pop Star Tiffany and New Kids On The Block Singer Jonathan Knight Reunite - People
Bono Tells Story of U2's "Bullet the Blue Sky" - Rock Hall Blog
Read This: The oral history of “Walk This Way” - The A.V. Club
Guitarist Plays A Piece Of Every Metallica Song, In Order, In Four Minutes - Geekologie
45th Anniversary of Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On' Album Signals New Vinyl Release - Billboard
The 8 Worst Songs of the 1980s - The Cheat Sheet
Welcome to the Danger Zone: The Story Behind Kenny Loggins's 'Danger Zone' - Mental Floss
Restored 'Warriors' Soundtrack Re-Released on Vinyl - Mental Floss

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