Memory Jogger Podcast Episode 8: Early Driving and Cars

Episode 8 of Memory Jogger is all about our early memories of driving, fantasy cars, and the first cars we owned. We also talk about how we got interested in cars, practicing on the lawn tractor, and mishaps along the way. We also veer off the road to discuss our homecoming and appearance in a local parade which included Wyatt's DJ'ed Dakota pickup.

We begin the show with some listener feedback and also a few icebreaker headlines. We invite your jogged memories and feedback in the comments below or you can tweet to @RD80s. Here are a few pictures (actual and reference) of the vehicles we've had the most experience with over the years:

Example of Jason's Pontiac 6000
Example of Wyatt's Pontiac
Wyatt's "Old Red" 1978 Dodge Pickup
Wyatt's first Dakota pickup 
Wyatt's "bread truck"
Wyatt's Plymouth Turismo
Example of Jason's Isuzu Pickup
Wyatt's 2nd Dakota Pickup pimped out for the parade.
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