Recurrent Events Update: 'The Goldbergs Renewed for 2 Seasons, 'A Christmas Story' Live Musical, Mega Man M.U.S.C.L.E.

Welcome to the Recurrent Events weekly news update for retro pop culture headlines, links, videos, and more. Well, it's been a couple weeks since I posted an update. My weekends have been a little busy and I'm also going through a job change so I've had to really schedule time for RD80s. Thanks for your patience!

Here's are some new RD80s articles posted in the past couple weeks in case you missed them:

Geekologie helped me find the musicless video for a-ha's "Take On Me" this week. There are several points were I laughed out loud including the added "Shut up!" when the picture frame gets smashed. Check it out for yourself...

Video of the Week

Here are your Recurrent Events links for May 13, 2017!

Got a link or know any active retro pop culture blogs/websites that are worth including with the Recurrent Events? Leave a comment so I can add it to the mix! If you missed last week's news update, visit the Recurrent Events archive.

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