Infographic Shows The History of Sentient Vehicles

The new films Transformers: The Last Knight and Cars 3 both feature sentient cars, those that can act and think on their own. Of course, the '80s featured several sentient vehicles in both television and film including K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider and Christine. While the concept varies from self-driving to full personalities, sentient cars have been in Hollywood for many decades.

Our friends at have put together a brand new infographic that chronicles 25 sentient vehicles dating back to 1941. The '80s is featured the most among all decades with 8 total vehicles. I can even think of several more not included like Ghost Buggy from Filmation's Ghostbusters. Plus, they used Optimus Prime from the new films so that's another that originated in the '80s.

Nevertheless, view the detailed infographic below and then check your driveway to make sure your own car is still there... 

Sentient Vehicles

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