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Watch Wordburglar's New 8-Bit Music Video 'NARC HI-Score (In Nintendo Power)'

Retro rapper Wordburglar, who you might remember from the G.I. Joe tribute Welcome to Cobra Island album, has just released a fun 8-bit music video to go with his latest track. "NARC HI-Score (In Nintendo Power)" tells his early '90s true story of trying to get a high score on the video game NARC published in the magazine.

He achieved the goal and his score was published in Volume 23. Now, the musical tribute to that summer achievement has been visualized in all its NES glory thanks to director and game designer Rosemary Brennan. Wordburglar also teamed up with gaming buddy and super-producer COINS (Of Daft Science fame) to create an infectious, chiptunes-infused retro rap jam with the perfect combination of nostalgic bleeps, bloops and boom-bap hip-hop.

Watch the new music video below and visit to get connected to all of his music. Vinyl collectors can also visit Black Buffalo Records to score a limited edition 7" record featuring artwork by Mike Holmes.

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