Star Wars Themed 'The Mos Eisley Rap Show' EP From Wordburglar

Star Wars day is this Saturday and to celebrate May the 4th, Wordburglar is dropping some new epic rhymes from a galaxy far, far away. I've shared his pop culture music before including the G.I. Joe themed Welcome to Cobra Island and the 8-bit music video for his single "NARC HI-Score (in Nintendo Power)", both of which are glorious. Wordburglar now has the rhymes you've been looking for with his new EP trilogy of galactic jams.

The first album titled The Mos Eisley Rap Show is a "3-song EP delving into some of the most obscure corners of your favorite sci-fi mythology with highly engaging and entertaining results worthy of repeat listens." Two singles are available now with album preorders, the title track and "Torotaun" with the third coming May the 4th for the official release date. Check out the album artwork below...

Visit the Wordburglar on Bandcamp to get this EP album starting at less than $1 USD! Listen to the two pre-release tracks there or click here to connect with Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. Make sure you are connected with the official for all the latest. 

Listen to the force-driven lyrics of the single "Torotaun" below and may the 4th be with you!

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