Japanese Mercedes Commercial Drives Through Super Mario Brothers (VIDEO)

Thanks to a timely tweet, I was made aware of a fun Mercedes commercial featuring Super Mario Brothers. The television ad is actually four years old, but it was only featured in Japan so that explained why I didn't see it until today. (Better late than never!)

In the commercial, Mario gets in a Mercedes GLA and drives through World 1-1 of the classic NES Super Mario Brothers video game. Upon jumping over the flag by the castle, the 8-bit commercial turns into live-action! The car comes to a halt with an actor portraying Mario exiting the car and then comically stepping on a Goomba with sound effects.

Check out the full ad below...

Around the same time, Mercedes also produced two more commercials with a Mario Kart theme featuring actors portraying Luigi and Princess Peach. Check out the video below for all three commercials...


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