Retro Con 2019: Cosplay and Cars

Retro Con 2019 is in the books and we are here to give you just a glimpse into what makes this one of the best cons each year. Among the 225 tables of retro collectibles, you'll find cosplayers lurking around every corner. Creatures, characters, and soldiers of pop culture past and present are truly part of the entire weekend experience (and ready to take top prize in the contest!)

Each year at Retro Con, there are several groups that never fail to bring out the best in cosplay. G.I. Joe group The Finest are one of those that always amaze me by showcasing some of the best costumes, accessories, and just being approachable. Striking up a conversation with Sgt. Slaughter has never been easier, yet you can tell they take pride in their work. Star Wars 501st Legion Garrison Carida is another group that wows me every year. Amazingly detailed costumes, shiny droids, and photo op speeder bikes are something you can depend on seeing. You can also guarantee a ghost-free environment each year with proton-pack laden Ghostbusters roaming about the show.

Beyond the groups of cosplayers, you'll always see several "out-of-left-field" characters that you'd never expect. And if you want to go beyond cosplay, several iconic vehicles always appear at Retro Con to further the fantasy experience. Take a look below at some of the cosplay and vehicle snapshots we were able to capture this past weekend...










Here's a short video of cosplayers in line for the contest!

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