From Arcades To Phones - How The Gaming Industry Has Evolved

If you start comparing the gaming world from the late '70s and early '80s until now, you would see a huge difference in the many ways we play games. The same can be said for the industry itself and how developers think, the games they create, and the strategies used to attract gamers have evolved dramatically over the years.

The gaming world has really shifted to online play. Games are mostly downloaded instead of having physical copies. Gaming with several friends has never been easier. Even gaming at casinos has changed from having to visit physical locations to playing online like at gclub.

Why don't we dive in and see just how much the video gaming industry has changed.

Humble Beginnings

Gaming was so simple in the beginning. It didn't matter that the games were primitive with basic graphics, black and white, or just a few dots moving around. Every year it move forward and developers came up with ways to make it fun for everyone, whether it was role-playing, text-based, hack and slash, or a simple adventure.

Gaming was primarily used for the enjoyment of one person and based on simple gaming consoles like Atari 2600. Later, the development of more 2-player modes or multiplayer kept the industry evolving, taking advantage of new technology which gave developers a better chance to succeed.

Games in the modern era are completely advanced and the industry is focused on making high-end games with the highest quality graphics possible. This allows the games look life-like and some games also include virtual reality aspects as well. But even high graphics can lead to a bad experience with a larger processing capacity need for performance. 

People Still Cling to the Past

Even though things are much more advanced now and games are a lot more interactive and engaging, many people still love the nostalgia that comes with old games. They still go back to play their favorite games that they grew up with many years ago. Arcade classics like Pac-Man and Galaga and even popular multiplayers from this century like RuneScape are relics of the past yet many people still love it and want to create an account there again. It is possible to get accounts and gold for the game nowadays online for some money, but you need to know how to not get scammed and not lose money when you're just trying to relive the old days. So, make sure you get games from reputable and trusted platforms that the gaming community can vouch for.

The Nostalgia train can be a very strong sentiment that a lot of gamers can't get enough of. The industry knows this and it tries to remake and upgrade old school games so everyone can replay them but with advanced graphics and minor changes to resemble today's games. It's a smart move to get people excited for games and it's also a lucrative move because many players pay a lot of money to get a taste of the old classic games again. The adult gamers are feeling this the most as they get the chance to feel like their kids again.

The Pay-To-Play Mentality

Today’s gaming industry is focused on micro-transaction tactics in most of their games now. Whether it's for fun, vanity, cosmetic reasons, or just for upgrades, you play the game better with added power, lives, weapons, and such to gain advantages. The gaming community is split about this pay method and half of them don't like the idea of paying more than the initial game price for better performance and playability; in the past, you just paid for the game and that was it.

The Multiplayer and Online Shift

Decades ago, developers used to come up with single-player games where you just focused on the story and plot line alone. But now, playing online and with different people worldwide is the commonality. Of course, the gaming community has grown because of this and it's clear that the online Massively Multiplayer Online (MMOs) games are the most popular genres of games. Millions of people love this style of gaming as they communicate in real-time while they play together.

The Cheat Codes

In the past, the gaming community liked the fact that they could cheat and there was a demand for it. Sharing cheat strategies, codes, and playing tips were a common phenomenon amongst gamers and resulted in hundreds of gaming magazines. Now, it's all changed and cheating isn't a thing anymore. In most cases, cheating can result in suspensions and permanent bans from the game. Starting all over again with a new account and new characters from scratch is something that was not common in the early years of gaming.

It's amazing how the industry changed over the past decades. It has become one of the most successful and lucrative industries in the world, creating and developing amazing games that are beyond description. Some people might not feel comfortable with the way the industry is going, while others believe it's a breath of fresh air. The great thing about it is that there is something for everyone and you are bound to find games that you're passionate about and love.
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