'80s Fashion Trends Popular in 2020

When you think about the '80s, you probably imagine your young parents partying to the music of groups like Depeche Mode, Boney M., and Roxette. You can also imagine them dressed according to the fashion of the '80s but surprisingly, some of the fashion trends iconic back then are becoming popular again today.

Many college students copy the images with bright patterns, shoulder pads, and jeans when going to the party in 2020 (providing they completed all their tasks or received statistics homework help). If you want to create one of the looks of that decade to make this trend appear in your college or you just organize a thematic party, you will find this guide very helpful when choosing clothes.

Top trends that came from the '80s

Trends come and go, but some things stay stylish for a long time, just like some clothes in the wardrobe of your parents (kidding). For example, one of the popular things in college now is getting help with writing a paper when you run out of time. If we talk about fashion, the '80s are definitely popular again, and if you watch the trends, you will just have to create a few looks not to be left behind. Some clothes from that decade are going to show up on the rack gain even though they will look a bit different than before. For example, for your vintage look today, you can choose:

Oversized Blazers

They come with a softy shoulders pads that comfortably sit, and the brighter your blazer is, the better. Classic blue will get you back to those times.

Polka Dot

One of the classics looks popular both in the '60s and '80s; this design is likely to make a comeback in 2020. If you are tired of plain and solid colors, polka dot will cheer you up as it is one of the easiest ways to jump into the '80s fashion. You can complement your outfit with such details as a square neckline or combine it with another bold print like stripes.


It was a big comfortable part of the typical '80s look, which becomes a solid component of your 2020 fashion look. As we prioritize comfort, some good leggings and sneakers with a nice blazer complemented with a bag will suit a modern lifestyle.


If you don't know the meaning of the term, it doesn't mean you haven't tried it on even without knowing. A famous brand Atlantic which is known mostly for its yoga pants, has started a global revolution that blurred the lines between yoga sportswear and casual street clothes. Athleisure is good and comfortable to wear both to the gym and café, and you should definitely try this option just like people did in the 1980s.

Plain T-shirts

Plain-colored tees are timeless classics that have been around since forever, but they’ve been an increasingly common sight in recent years. Because of the pandemic, people’s clothing style focused more on being minimalist, comfortable, and convenient, which is what plain-colored T-shirts are all about.

Mom Jeans

This type of jeans has a high waistline that shows straight legs and a relaxed zipper area. They become popular as they are easy to wear and make you look better without worrying about the flaws of your body. Mom jeans were considered frumpy just a decade ago, and now they are back on track again.


This is probably one of the most diversified components of your wardrobe as you can combine it with different things (skirts, dresses, jeans, etc.): that is why they will never go out of style. It keeps you warm and works as a great accessory to your general look.
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