5 Popular Italian Horror Movies From The ‘80s

For those people that know them well, Italian horror movies are like no other because they are really frightening and disturbing to a certain point. One of the reasons people actually watch them is the rare feel of the 80s when the movies seemed to capture more than SFX and the usual clichés of a monster jumping out of an old closet. No, these horror movies are often far from being disgusting or overly cruel! They are like horror detectives with unexpected plot twists.

Macabre (1980)

This movie was created by Mario Bava's son, Lamberto. What makes it special is that it is set in New Orleans and has that great spirit of horror all through the end. It tells a story of a disturbed woman called Jane. She is leaving her children on their own to meet her secret lover. As the meeting takes place, strange issues start to happen. You can approach fast translation services if you encounter a movie that has no dubbed version or you require subtitles. As a rule, it is the right translation of those few words that make the horror genre so special.

Tenebrae (1982)

It is another one of those Dario Argento horror flicks. Still, this movie proves why Dario is considered a classic horror director because of his special style. It must be noted that Tenebrae is a psychological horror movie, which makes it so powerful. It tells us about a mystery novelist called Peter Neal who travels to Rome with a single purpose: to promote his mystery book. You might have guessed right that he encounters a set of strange murders that relate to events described in his book.

Suspiria (1977)

Even though you might already know the remake, the original (released in 1977) is probably the best representative of Italian horror movies that has it all. It became first available in English in the '80s, which is why it is always considered as one of those '80s era movies. It is the top of what Dario Argento could do!

The Spider Labyrinth (1988)

Also known as "The Spider's Nest", this movie tells us about an American scientist arriving in Budapest, Hungary to meet his old friend. As soon as he arrives, he is told that his scientist friend died. The strange circumstances of death are something that people tend to avoid talking about.

Stage Fright (1987)

Luckily, Italians are also good at making satirical horror movies! This time it’s the film created by a famous Italian horror actor called Michele Soavi. It tells a story of egoistical and demanding actors who are facing the hardships of getting ready for their forthcoming stage play. A crazed performer starts to stalk them. Yes, it has the killer, large and frightening masks, and the pile of bodies on stage. It has an interesting twist that has been translated correctly. You should also check out the list of tools that help you translate your horror stories into different languages as it is important to ensure that your message has been delivered without translation flaws.

The Italian Legacy

It is hard to deny that Italian cinematography is unique. Speaking of the horror movies made in the 80s, it is safe to say that people either know about it or tend to ignore them altogether. It was like a lawless Wild West in this genre because directors did exactly what they wanted and allowed insanity to rule their plots and minds.

There were also low-budget companies that did their best to make a quick buck from the shocking content and existing trends. Still, many Italian directors were quite serious about their art. While it is hard to say that these horror movies represent great value, yet those who remember those bizarre and odd movies of the 80s will enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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